Exercise, Pregnancy & IVF

So..after having my BFP on the wknd I spoke to my clinic today about going back to exercise and they gave me the all clear. Before IVF I would exercise 5-6 times a week. Hard core stuff like running 10K+ Spin classes ,cross fit, circuits the harder cardio the better. I have a sneaky suspension this prevented me from fallen pregant naturally. My periods never stopped but they were pretty light.

Anyway since staying IVF I've had to follow suit and take it easy. Which meant only yoga swimming (before ET) and walking.

Today I finally went to a class in the gym and done Legs Bums 'n' Tums which is medium strength class. I felt amazing!😁

So proud of my body for being able to still do it all pregnant too.

I'm hoping to be in an exercise class at 40 wks pregnant and giving birth the following day!! lol πŸ€—πŸ™ŒπŸ‹

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  • buffy you sound just like me - if it didn't hurt, it wasn't worth it!pre treatment i was a gym bunny / bikram yoga freak, but stopped everything when i started stims - and it's been sooooo hard.

    as our infertility was unexplained, i have reached the conclusion excessive exercise may have been one of the biggest contributing factors. like you my periods were light & just a couple of days.

    i am desperate to get back to keeping fit, but also know how precious this little cargo is.

    am so thrilled your first class back went well - just what i needed to hear! well done you πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ‘ŠπŸ»

  • Sorry late reply. Yes I always suspected the amount of exercise I did had a detrimental effect on our fertility but I couldn't cut it down because it was the only thing which made me feel good whilst battling the infertility battle!

    Trying to get balance just right now when I'm 5 wks. I'm not running until after we've had our 6 week scan. I'm going to aqua aerobics tonight πŸ˜ƒxx

  • Ah that's great. 10 hour days at work and morning sickness all day put the end to my gym sessions after work now I just can't do it. Have a great pregnancy Xx

  • You be back after the baby😊

  • Mini rest lol x

  • Hi Buffy21. That's good to hear. Make sure you have a good rest afterwards, and drink plenty of water. Make sure your gym has a delivery pack at the ready, nearer delivery date!! Good luck! Diane

  • 🀣xx

  • Hmmm that makes me think I do intense exercise I do 2 spin classes a box fit and a body jam could this be the reason I'm not Falling pregnant maybe I need to tone it down a bit and do a couple of relaxing classes and I am always on the go xxx

  • And a lot of the girls that do my jam class had a bump and was still doing it up until they went full term xx

  • A girl in my fitness centre was still exercising the day before given birth!She was in a spin class the night before 😲xx

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