Painful ovulation after IVF

Hey all,

Did anyone experience painful ovulation after IVF? I've always had twinges when I ovulate however today the ovulation pain has been a strong stitch in my left side all day and I've also got lower back pain. It's strong enough to need paracetamol although I've not taken any yet. Just wondering if this can be quite common after IVF? I'm also ovulating 5 days before I usually do 🤔

Thanks ladies xxx

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  • Just wanted to say thank u for helping me when I inboxed u.

    Hope ur ok xxx

  • No problem 😊 Hope your keeping OK xxx

  • Mine was a chemical 😭starting again in new year .

    Hope u are ok ❤

  • So sorry to hear that. Hope we'll have better luck on our next go xxx

  • Xxxxx

  • Omg hun!! I have been thinking this the last few days. I'm ovulating this week and it's been so painful. I didn't know if it was my cyst or just ovulation pain. I feel heavy on my right side. Thanks so much for writing this. I feel like I'm not alot xx

  • Wow this is such a coincidence I was just logging on to ask the same thing iv had loads of heavy pressure feeling like I'm getting a water infection but I'm not x

  • I too have a constant digging. I do generally get it I suppose around ovulation but only for a few days. It's been a lot longer this time. I failed a cycle last month x

  • Seems like it's common then. I thought the cyst thing too as they did tell me u had a cyst however think they said it was on my right side. I was worried something was maybe wrong but looks like it is fairly common. Xxx

  • I was actually going to call the clinic tomorrow to ask if this was normal I do feel a bit better now though knowing it's a few of us

    I do normally get ovulation twinges but not as bad as this x

  • Me too. I always know when it's happening but today was quite severe. I did actually Google it and it said it can be caused by a cyst bursting or trauma after surgery so maybe from egg collections and all the needles going through 😱 xxx

  • Yeah does make sense cos I suppose it's not that long ago we had them prodded with needles x

  • Yes I also get ovulation pain after IVF. My last one failed at the end of Sept and I've had two periods since then and I'm still hurting now. I feel swollen still in my ovaries and have lower back pain and leg pain. I went to the gp about it and was told "well you should be pleased you ovulate". I did email my clinic about this as I wanted to see if anything wrong and just waiting for a response. xx

  • I'm glad to see its common. Will you let me know what the clinic say as I'm quite interested to find out the reason xxx

  • Had an email back to say that I need to book in an appointment with the consultant which will be chargable! All the info they gave me was not even in the follow up but the doctor added it to my letter afterwards! He told me to then email him. So I do this to ask questions about what he's added and tests he thinks I should have I asked questions about what it'd prove etc, then get told to book a further consultation despite what the dictir said !!

    Transparency is unclear with tge clinic and leads me to think ivf is more of a money spin than anything else.

    My next step is to bombard gp to refer me to a gyno specialist. Everyone passes the buck.

    Hooefully you will have better luck! xx

  • That's not so good. Yeah it does seem they like to get as much money as possible from people 😢

    I hope you'll get on OK at your consultation appointment and I hope you'll get the answers you need.

    As if this journey isn't stressful enough without everything else on top of it 😟

    Sending you lots of luck 🍀 xxx

  • Hi Amanda86. Unfortunately, hospitals do tend to have their own references when performing FET cycles. However, it is thought that if you start on Day21 you are less likely to develop any ovarian cysts and they can work more closely with your own hormones. The injection will probably be something like “Prostap” which will down regulate you slightly, and your period should start within a week. You will be scanned to check for ovulation so that FET can be arranged more naturally. It doesn’t matter whether they start on Day 1 or Day 21, but I prefer Day 21 (my thoughts). Your consultant is out to give you your best shot at this, and will give you a time line to act upon, so you will be able to sort out the hen do and shift pattern. He/she will look after you. Good luck and I shall be thinking of you. Diane (Sorry, had to paste this reply here, as for some reason couldn't get into the private messages, so hope you receive it.) Diane

  • Hi Amanda86. Sorry this is not a private reply, for some reason I can't send it that way, so hope you get this. Embryo grading is a complex science, as I’m sure you will know. Most clinics have their own grading systems, which are best explained by the embryologist. However, as a general rule, you are looking for cell and fluid grading within the blastocyst, to be A’s, B’s and C’s. They can be a mixture such as AB, AC, BC etc. However, if the cell content or fluid content goes down to D or E, it’s not so good. On saying that, when thawed they can sometimes “pick up” a bit, so that’s why I assume your embryologist has gone ahead and frozen the 4AE, I would see if you can get to speak to your embryologist, as he/she will explain your clinic’s grading system, as to how they do things. Complicated, but I do wish you well with it all. Diane

  • Thanks for your sharing! Please give us an update! I'm still trying and this community gives me hope!

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