Confused - Fallopian tubes clipped or removed?

Hi ladies, I'm having a second lap on Thursday to sort out my hydrosalpinx on my left tube and my twisted right tube, prior to starting IVF in 2015.

I met my consultant today for my pre-op appointment and she says that once she can see inside me, she'll work out whether it's best to remove, clamp or detach the tube, although her preference will be to clamp as it's less invasive. But for my hydrosalpinx she thinks that it may be too big to get the clip over.

But my research (google!) suggests that removal of the tube gives you the best results for IVF. I don't want to go through the pain of an operation if I'm not going to have the most effective treatment. Has anyone been through this?

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  • Hi,

    I found out at the start of this year that I had hydrosalpinx in both of my tubes. The consultant didn't give me a choice of whether to clamp or detach them, just said if they are both damaged he would remove them during the op. This was done before I commenced my first round of ivf.

    To be honest I didn't feel too bad after the op. Took one week off work, but felt almost normal after 3 days.

    Good luck with the op and your treatment.


  • Thank you. I've said to my surgeon that removal is my preference so hopefully she'll do that if she can. How have you got on with IVF if you don't mind me asking? Did you start straight away? Xx

  • Hi,

    No that's fine ask away!. I had my op on the 18th Feb and didn't start ivf until the May because i missed a period in March, but also you need a few months for your body to heal. Unfortunately the ivf wasn't successful...they collected 2 eggs but they didn't fertilized.


  • Sorry to hear that. It's a tough journey isn't it? I'm hopeful that I'll recover as quickly as on my first lap, I've got a nearly 3 weeks off for Xmas , hopefully my hubby will wait in me hand & foot! Xx

  • Hello I had 2 big ops after my initial diagnostic lap: first in May 2013 they surgically repaired my tubes and then after unsuccessfully trying naturally for six months we did IVF in March this year. It didn't work but we got some blastocysts in the freezer.

    I then had more tests as my doctor suspected my tubes may have fused again, and then (he was right) an op to remove them.

    I had them removed 3rd August. I then started drugs for my frozen transfer in September, did the transfer at the beginning of November, and I am now 8 weeks pregnant!

    Once my tubes were removed I really felt like all of the crap was out of me and I was a nice clean baby making slate!

  • Hope yr lap goes well today, rest up and eat lots of chocolate! It is nearly Xmas after all! :)

    Thanks for posting this and it was good to read the reply, as I'm in a similar situation although I've already gone through Ivf, which worked but I sadly did miscarry at 6 weeks. I have severe endometriosis / adenomyosis which was treated in a lap in march this year. But on looking at my original diagnostic lap paperwork it said I had a blocked right tube and hydrosalpinx on the left tube, which wasn't accessible to actually treat / get to! The op in march concentrated on the removal of the endom, and these tube issues weren't mentioned after this lap in the surgeons follow up letter, hence the clinic didn't know about the tube issue! So I'm obviously now pondering and worrying whether the bad tubes possibly leaked into my uterus and prevented the embryo implanting. Who knows. Anyway I'm talking to the surgeon and my clinic about all this.

    It was only because there were so many posts about tubes and hydrosalpinx something at the back of my mind made me get out all my letters from last year. I feel a bit cross that the specialist surgeon didn't refer to the issue either. Unfortunately the endom issues, which was absolutely everywhere, kind of took over

    Anyway I hope you're feeling ok and I wish you all the very best with your treatment next year. Rest up xx

  • Thanks for thinking of me, very kind of you. Just a little update for those who are interested.... My surgeon has to detach and cauterise both tubes as they were so stuck down by the endo & attached to my bowel and bladder that she couldn't remove them. But the outcome should be the same as the fluid is not going to leak into my womb anymore!

    I'd definitely look into the hydrosalpinx @hope23 as I think all the research points to it having an impact of some sort. Hopefully your clinic will be able to point you in the right direction

    Hope you have a fab Xmas xx

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