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HELP: I don't understand my blood test results

Hi, unfortunately I don't have a very helpful doctor. I have been on gnrh injections to switch off all my hormones (similar to first part of IVF) for 9 months I stopped in September and waiting for my period s to return, but I have had my blood tests down and told to pick them up and no action was needed, whilst I am trying to make an appointment with my doctor , I can't get in till next week, does anyone know what these mean and if it tells me I am out of a forced menapause :

Serum fsh 3 iu/L

Serum lh 14iu/l

I am googling random websites online but getting conflicting results, also does anyone know if these blood tests check the female estriol hormones?

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Generally you'd have this blood test day 1-3 of your cycle (day 1 being first day of bleeding). Estrodial not shown. LH = lutenising hormone; FSH = follicule stimulating hormone. Your estradiol (or E2) will be low if you're still in shutdown, which presumably you are if no period... It's return will be your first sign you're out of the down regulation drugs. Normal FSH is usually 5-10, and LH seems quite high. It's still early days since your last injection though.


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