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Thats it long day behind me x thats me officially waiting for my egg recipient and ready to start ICSI .. nurse said today with my numbers age and everything there is 45 % success with couples same situation. Its good number for us and we r exited. At least I know now my drug treatment .. Norethisterone to start with then metformin .. menopur ... cetrotide .. suprecur.. ovitrelle .. sounds so complicated and think a will be needing extra calendar for all this but really whatever it takes I am ready for it xx good luck to everybody out there and to whoever will get my wee eggs I hope I help someone with their dream x lots of love x

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  • Good luck lovely!! X

  • Good luck, I'd say that's a great % hope everything goes well for you x x

  • Good luck, it's sounds like it's all very positive.

  • Fingers crossed and baby dust sprinkle....

  • Good luck x

  • Hi Hun just wanna wish you good luck with it :) Those are great odds lots to feel postive about :) When does your treatment start? X

  • Thank you all so much xx just waiting Jess same like u xx

  • Great news!! We are waiting for an egg donor/sharer... you are doing a great thing hun :) xxx

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