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2 failed with OE so trying final attempt with DE , wish us luck


Thanks for all your kind words after our failed 2nd attempt with own eggs!! After a break and a heart to heart, me and my partner have put the wheels in motion to try a final attempt at Ivf and come to the decision to try donor eggs as thats our only realistic chance !! My down regulating drugs start in 10 days time . Wish us luck x

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Good luck lovely xxx

Good luck to you both xx

Best of luck x

Good luck hun

Good luck to you xx

Wishing you lots of luck x


Good luck 😘🤞🏼Xxx

Good luck Hun xx

All the best! xx

All the best! xx

Best of luck to you! I have all my toes and fingers crossed xx

Best of luck! After multiple miscarriages, failed IVF with my own eggs (well, not with my own eggs actually as I failed to produce any) we went down the donor route. It was a tough decision but I’m 9 weeks along now after our first fresh donor cycle and I’m over the moon. Sending lots hope your way. x

Fantastic news and so happy for you! It’s a struggle Ivf , hopefully with a happy ending for us too xxx

My the luck be on your side this time ❤️

Well we got pregnant from first donor egg attempt so fingers crossed you do too! It’s very difficult emotionally trying Ivf and when you have those heartbreaking bfn’s with own eggs it felt the natural thing to do to go with the greater odds of de. My baby is growing in my body from a embryo and I already feel it’s my baby and very happy xx

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