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Good News

We got the results back from my hubby’s third semen sample yesterday and there was a dramatic improvement! The first two had a morphology of 2% and 5% this one was 15%!!! The exercise, vitamins and cutting down on the booze must have had an effect. I was dreading the result as he was feeling so low and said he felt it was all his fault we’ve been unable to conceive. I don’t think he could have handled another poor result.

The sample prepped well and we have now been told that we are good candidates for IUI (four cycles if needed) and have booked in for the consenting appointment in January. I know we’re not there yet but we feel so much more positive now.

V excited!!

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Great news Vickal :)

It's amazing what a difference a few lifestyle choices can make :)

Wishing you both the very best for your upcoming treatment next year :) Jess X


What fab news. Well done hubby for all he has done. Keep it up. :) so happy for you. Wishing you all the best for your treatment in the new year. ️Xxx


Hello .... great news ! What vitamins did you have him on ? X


They're called Wellman Conception, available at Boots and other pharmacies. Big horse pills but they seem to have done the trick! I do have to remind him to take them!!


Great news vickal!!! Im sure your hubby must b over the moon!! Goodluck with it all. And keep us updated on how u guys get on!!


Thanks everyone, another step on the long journey. xx


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