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Hi there, I had such an emotional and confusing day yesterday, my boobs are massive, tears and period was a few days late. I was afraid to do any tests as they are always negative. So I took control and did a test, and it was POSITIVE!! We've been trying for 3 long years.

I did two tests lastnight and both positive. I am so happy but kind of too afraid to be too excited as we had a miscarriage last December. It's very early days, so I am cautious.

This site is excellent, I'm so happy I found it a few days ago. I have been so lost recently on my journey and your support means so much. Xx

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  • Massive congratulations!!!! Did you have IUI or was this natural? X

  • It was natural! We delayed starting our second round of IUI until I was feeling healthy again and it just happened. I was going to acupuncture during this time as well. Can't believe it!

  • That's so good!!! So happy for you! Did you do accupunture before your natural cycle? I am still waiting to start! Got a negative again this morning. 2 weeks late still!

  • Yes I did. It makes me feel calm and chilled out, the acupuncturist included some reflexology in her therapy too.

  • Congrats!!! I'm so happy for you! xxx

    I'm curious too. Did you undergo any treatment?

  • Thank you, we were about to start our second IUI. Still in shock! πŸ˜„

  • Haha! That's so amazing! :) Enjoy your pregnancy xx

  • Hi, Lady, I'm so happy for you! Fingers crossed for everything going on smoothly for you. Moreover women deserve to see POSITIVE finally after years of struggling. And your "I was afraid to do any tests as they are always negative" made me so sad as I remembered the previous pain myself. I'm over 40 yo with POF. We already have our sweet 2 yo daughter (She's a DE IVF kid). I remember us trying and trying and hoping for the miracle, but it never happened. We did need medical help again as wanted desperately our second baby. You know, earlier I thought what a silly thing the secondary infertility is. I thought what would women want more having at least 1 baby! But now I know for sure secondary infertility is as tough, painful, devastating, and destroying as the first one. Thankfully we've recently got our BFP after 1st att with donor eggs this time in Ukrainian Biotexcom. But all these memories are still so fresh and vivid. I'm sorry for your miscarriage but my inner voice says this time is your rainbow. Will be thinking of you and praying for every lovely lady here struggling for the biggest life success. May God take care of you, hugs X :)

  • Thank you, your words mean a lot to me. I think this is our rainbow! Xx

  • Hi Ladyneady. Well done both of you! Get that scan booked so that you can meet your little "bean"! Good luck for a safe, ongoing pregnancy and birth. Diane

  • Thanks Diane. We are still in shock! Xxx

  • Hey congratulations , that's wonderful news!

  • Aww a massive congratulations to you both, πŸ’– xxxxxxx

  • Congratulations! After such a long time coming you must enjoy this moment x

  • Yes, I feel a lot of relief to be honest. Xx

  • Ah congratulations! Xx

  • Excellent news. I am finding the site very supportive too. It's really great to find people going through the same things and emotions. X

  • It's fab isn't it. I'm recommending it to anyone who is going through a similar experiences.

  • Congratulations. Lovely news x

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