Good news!

Hi all!

Finally some good news. Am on the first day of my sun holiday but was on email watch so wasn't truly relaxed...until now!. Just got an email to say have been accepted for NHS IVF/icsi funding.

Over the moon!

Long road ahead I know but this is one big stepping stone we have managed to cross. I'm sure I'll be back on with many questions in due course.

There isn't waiting lists on our chosen clinic so hoping it won't be long till we see them. What can we expect in this first appointment?

Thanks all xxx

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  • Hi!! Just wanted to say good luck! I have been trying to call my clinic today aswell as our first appointment is in September ( funding was approved back in july) I also wanted to know what to expect in the first appointment! X

  • Congrats and thanks Hun! Fab you've got an appointment. Where you based?x

  • I'm based in West London! I am hoping to have the cycle done before this year but I guess I will find out everything when I go to my appointment! I bet there will day something else is wrong lol x

  • Ah I'm in South Essex. Yea I would love that too but what ever happens will happen I suppose. Just so happy to have gotten over that big mountain!

    Keep thinking positive it's all you can do xxx

  • Hi allieb21. Wonderful news, and you should be all chilled out in readiness to start your treatment cycle. Good luck! Diane

  • Thanks Diane.

    Am back to work end of the month- am a secondary teacher. Will have to ensure I try not get too stressed. Have already stated acupunture in the hope we would get funding :)

  • Hi allieb21. Good luck with the acupuncture. Hearing some positive feedback from ladies using this form of alternative therapy. Always let your specialist know that you are having this, just to make sure it doesn't interfere with any prescribed treatment. Diane

  • Hi allieb21.

    That's great news. Me and the wife are quite advanced from that stage now

    (although treatment has not started yet), what I recall is you'll get seen by the consultant, he'll discuss various tests you may have had upto this point, and will arrange for both you and your partner to have further tests done.

    Please use this opportunity in asking as many questions as you feel the need to. We had a list prepared which we got of Diane Arnold on this group.

    Best of luck and let us know how it goes.

  • Great news Allieb! All clinics are different with their timing but if there's no waiting list it could be within a month or two depending on your cycle - have a lovely holiday! x x x

  • Lots of paperwork to fill on. Probably test you for hiv etc. Will take blood tests. You should get a protocol.

  • Following.. Good luck! We're awaiting our first clinic appointment too after getting our funding 😊

  • Congrats too Hun! Hope it isn't too long a wait. Where you based x

  • Well we've had a set of forms to fill in from the clinic and posted them off so hopefully we'll have an appointment soon.. We're doing ours at Midland Fertility in Tamworth

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