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I had my follow up appointment fri to get my results & consultant said I have PCOS & my ovulation is really low, I'm only producing small eggs that aren't reaching the mature stage so he has prescribed me clomid but as I haven't had a period in 7 weeks he has put me on norethisterone for 10 days so restart my cycle. In the leaflet it says donT take if trying to get pregnant which I am. Any advice would be greatly appreciated xx

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Hi TJ1985. I think you have been a little confused by what your consultant has told you – or perhaps he/she didn’t explain properly. Yes, with PCOS you will often have problems with ovulation. However, it is not your eggs that are small, it is your follicles. They are not maturing enough to get large enough to allow an egg to be released from one of them during ovulation. I realise that you cannot get pregnant while you are taking norethisterone. It has been prescribed for you in order to start a period, which you have not been having. You need to have a period to start taking Clomid. Clomid is taken on the 2nd day of your period for 5 days. Hopefully, it will encourage you to ovulate, but may take a few cycles before it does. Hope this explains what your consultant is doing for you – and best of luck! Diane


Thank you for your reply . Yes that makes sense I understand I need a period to start clomid & the tablets they've given me are to start my period I was just concerned if they were safe to take but I guess he wouldn't have prescribed them otherwise. Just a little anxious weather or not it will work as don't want to get my hopes up if that makes sense? Thank you again :) xx


Hi. They are quite safe but might make you feel a bit grumpy. Diane


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