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Hi all I had my left tube removed in April this year and been started on letrozole from May and I've been having really bad problems during intercourse it's the entrance of my private area it feels dry and I seem to be tight down there no matter how relaxed i feel it makes no difference it's been causing problems for weeks now I have tried using gels etc and tried bathing before and pain relief to see if it helps but nothing works it's really hard to explain I find it really hard to get any sort wetness I'm back up in my clinic in December and I have just finished course letrozole and one more mount to go before my review I don't know what else to do I'm taking meds and trying to have intercourse most times we finish it but it ain't so enjoyable due to tightness and dryness down there I can't even say it's pain I quess it's like I have cut and feels like a dry carpet burn during intercourse any help or advice be so great fun as things are so stressful right now we are trying for baby 10 years now and the journey has been so emotional and draining we are hoping our nested review will tell us we start IVF but at moment I'm frustrated and angry I can't enjoy it without the problem, I was told it could be vagamus but it can't be cause it comes and goes and frustrate heck out me been hear past three weeks now please help someone tell me I'm not going crazy...

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Have you seen your gp? It could be any number of things. Maybe you have an infection or you’ve somehow bruised yourself inside or torn a few tiny blood vessels? Sorry I’m not much help but hopefully you can get it sorted soon xx

Been to gp she's told me could very vaginmusus and told me to try relax my muscles make have bath and use gels and I've done all that still no better it feels so dry and tight

Could you ask for a referral to gynaecologist maybe? xx

I do hope you get to the bottom of it xx

I have been referred to pain specialist and have seen gnye and all seems normal just told to relax as my muscles customers be getting used to now been in pain anymore after so long don't make sense to me tbh I can't get no ease from it

Oh I’m sorry. Get yourself back to the gp. Ask for a second opinion. Make a nuisance of yourself until they listen. You can’t go on like this you poor thing xx

Thanks hun I have tried all that the docs and gnye gives me the look to say ur crazy it's all in ur head I've tried everything to explain best I can closest I got to knowing what's wrong was been told could be vaginmusus and to try relax but I feel totally related it's not even pain it's like a carpet dry tight burn that's only way I can explain it..

Yeah doesn’t sound like vaginismus to me either. Thrush can cause a burning sensation, did they not consider that maybe? I mean you can get thrush in many places xx

It's not sore until we try inter course it's the entrance it's like dry, tight and hard to moist etc sorry I have tried everything I can think of and nothing works for me, I have used small plastic cones to practice entry gently with gels and used lubes and even tried pain relief and a drink before bed to relax me I feel 100% relaxed and in mood till the second it starts to happen?? It really aggravates me case we are trying for a baby and kinda puts damper on mood then as well case partner thinks it's my body tightens and trying explain to a man is really fb difficult but he try his best to understand but it upsets me I can enjoy our intimacy

I can imagine. It doesn’t sound pleasant 😕 xx

Hi i went through same thing for about 6 months and could not figure out the cause of it at the time but now that i look back i think it was a change in hormones altho every now and then it can happen not matter how much i feel in the mood it like my body does,nt agree it really annoying as it is a mood killer

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