Hi, I'm slightly confused today. Since my get last weds I have had constant cramping, then yest had some brown spotting. This morning so far no cramping and the spotting has stopped.  Is this a good thing or bad?? I have no other symptoms that I may be pregnant. A little nausea off and on but just put that down to my progesterone. I just don't know what to think!! 😯

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  • Actually as the morning is going on the cramps are coming back. Properly confused x

  • Try to stay positive there I have read a lot of posts that have had the same symptoms with a BFP but the truth is everyone is different and you can't know if OTD. Best of luck thoughts with you x

  • Thank you lhow81. It's so hard not knowing. I'm trying to keep positive but every so often you get these niggling doubts that just take over.  I don't want to get to otd as don't want bad news!! X

  • The niggles can be implantation and the brown spotting could be old blood being removed. However the symptoms are not guaranteed, so like LHow81 says, try to remain positive and believe you're pregnant until proven otherwise. Nothing is going to stop you hurting if its negative, but there's no point being completely anxious and miserable until then. Sit tight and believe! 

    Now if only I could take my own advice! Have had cramping daily and was woken middle of the night with a series of sharp twinges, about 7/8 in succession then just stopped! Hopefully this s a good sign but really who knows... x

  • I know what you mean. It's easier to say it to other people but harder to do yourself. I have a reddy/brown discharge now. Last time that happened at showed her face later the same day. I just want to cry my eyes out. We have come away to relax and this happens!!

  • Try to relax and think happy thoughts. Don't really have any words of wisdom, except to stay strong hon. Hope the spotting goes x

  • I'm trying. I'm just hoping it eases off soon. Thank you xx

  • I don't think it's going to ease as it's fine more bloody now 😢

  • How you my lovely ?

  • I'm ok. Hoping things are ok. Passed some black/brown tissue when I was wretching as I was feeling really sick this morning and was nearly sick.  Since then it's gone back to red/brown when I wipe. Just trying to stay as positive as possible xx

  • Well the fact that it is not blood is a good sign... And that it has also subsided too.  If you had 2 put back it could be just the passing of one.  Keep rested and hydrated xx

  • I only had 1 put back in. Fingers crossed we are still lucky x

  • Thank you. Im praying and keeping everything crossed that we get our bfp as we deserve it xx

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