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Feeling so blue and confused


Hi all , don't know if anyone can please give me any advice .

I'm 39 years old and went to the IVF clinic today and sadly got the news I really didn't want to hear .

I was told I had a diminished ovarian reserve and as it was so low wouldn't be able to go through IVF as they probably wouldn't be able to collect enough eggs and then the chances of it working were very low !!!!

I'm absolutely gutted and devastated especially after last year I got pregnant naturally after 3 years of trying and I miscarried .

I feel like I'm just going backwards .

Anyway the consultant has redone the blood test just to double check , but he didn't sound too hopeful . I go back in 4 weeks time to get the results and talk through my options .

He mentioned I may need an egg donor as I'm ovulating ok and my husbands sperm is strong ...

Just wondered if anyone else out there has been through the same thing and who can advise me !!!!!

Feel heartbroken 😨X

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Could you ask about supplementing with DHEA or something? I'm a nonresponder. On 600 units of Gonal F (max dose usually 450) with Dhea, I managed 6/7 follicles instead of the usual 2! Are you private or NHS?

leah345 in reply to Filmgirl101

I will def look into it !!!! Will it help me with the eggs I have left ?

leah345 in reply to leah345

I'm on nhs xx

samrakkar in reply to leah345

The tablets cost around 30 pounds and they will last you around 4 months... you only need to take them for about 2 or 3 months prior to them collecting your eggs x

I'd get yourself some dhea some consultants offer then some don't. If they don't I'd order them online x it helps with producing better quality mature eggs and used for people with low reserves x I used it

I was just told I have low reserve too I'm 38 but they said to still do IVF my follie count was just 4 and my AmH was just 2.2 (before any drugs) do you know your results? Xx

I was gutted and took a few weeks to get my head around we will be looking at donor eggs if mine are no good this time x


We started trying for a baby when I was 40 I had always had a very irregular cycle so GP very early on did baseline bloods which suggested primary ovarian failure which I found really hard to accept, felt I aged a decade overnight. We were not going to be entitled to anything in NHS so started looking abroad for egg donor IVF. I'm a midwife and know I perhaps found this idea easier to accept as know too much about the high risk of miscarriage and very high risk of chromosomal abnormalities at my age if we used my eggs. If you want any more info please message me.

Good luck with your journey


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