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Egg sharing

Hello everyone

I am considering egg sharing due to not having the money for ivf.

Doctor said I should get between 12-14 eggs. I was wondering say it didn't work and I had to have my ovaries stimulated again does it cause damage to them. I am just conscious that as I'm giving away half my eggs there is a possibility that I might not have enough and process has yo be done again ?

Thanks and good luck on your journeys xx

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Hello. How are you. I had two do the whole stimulating thing three times in All. And it's not damaged my ovaries. As long as they don't let you over stimulate. Then it will be fine. That is why they scan you every other day once you start that process. So try not to worry. Wishing you all the best. Lots of love. ️Xx


Hi hunni..

I'm doing an egg sharing ivf too currently waiting to be matched up..

I'm happy to answer any questions you have got..

Clinics tend to vary on criteria.. My clinic have accepted me into the program despite a low amh(this is a blood test to determine your egg reserve ie how many eggs are left) my amh is only 5.37(I have prematurely aging left ovary to be expected my amh is low left only produced 3 follicles right. ovary working well and produced 9 follicles this scan was performed prior our consultation.. ) My clinic said as my follicle count was acceptable I've been accepted onto the program.. Even if things don't look ok don't think it's the end.. Under 5 amh won't be accepted onto egg share program as it's thought the women wouldn't be able to produce enough eggs(enough for herself but not another women too if that makes sense) between 5 and 7 amh is borderline result and they'll determine their decision by looking at other factors ie fsh level follicle count etc.. Over 7 amh def accepted with no questions.. I'm very lucky to be accepted coz some clinics won't accept you unless you have an amh of over 7.. My clinic have told me regarding eggs they wanna aim to get a least 8 or more(4+ each) .. If they don't get 8 I have 3 choices..

1)go ahead with egg share and allow recipient to keep the first 4 eggs.. And you keep any others..

2)to donate all the eggs to the recipient and have a free cycle and keep all your eggs(not including 75 fee) and freeze free any spare embryos..

3) to opt out of the egg share program and keep all your eggs costs would be high plus you wouldn't be able to egg share there again..

So if I found myself in that situation I'd go for option 2.. There are ways round these things don't worry chick :)

As for affecting your fertility it shouldn't do.. Many women donate several times and still can conceive.. Piglet12 is right they monitor you with scans and blood tests to make sure you don't over stimulate.. As if is dangerous too. If they think you're in danger of that happening they will postpone your ivf.. Please don't worry :)

As I said before any questions feel free to ask me about any if this.. Otherwise good luck and I wish you the very best with it all :)

Jess X


Thanks both of you! Such a stressful time and never know what to do. All is ok with me I have a 22 AMH and 14 follicle count. I'm 34. My partner has low morphology but good count etc. Just something is not connecting with us. Such a shame. I have to lose a stone for egg sharing but for free ivf (nhs) 3 stone. So starting lighter life 1st Jan and going for it. I'm hoping that might help and we conceive naturally .... does anyone else have any tips to help morphology or balance my hormones maybe ?

Thank you ladies .. i dont feel I can fully talk to anyone else as people don't really understand xx

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Hello. To help with morphology. If he smokes or drinks cut that out. That will make a difference. Im sure there is a vitamin that can help to. But for my hubby cutting the drinking down and quitting smoking helped enough. As to balancing your hormones. I'm not sure I'm afraid. We fully understand about all this. So please don't hesitiate to pm me. Or ask questions in here. Also with the weight loss. Swimming is fab for that. ️Xx lots of love. Xxxn


Thank you got him on all the vitamins etc ... We r baby dancing on 14, 15 and 16 ... do you think that's enough ? Xxxx


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