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Positive!!! but heavy bleeding

Hi all,

I am so happy, today was my test day and it came back positive!!

I had already dismissed that I would be pregnant due to heavy bleeding. I had a laparoscopic egg collection and cyst drainage, due to Stage 4 endometriosis with extensive scare tissue that make my uterus and ovaries stuck to my bowels. I had a two (they only collect 2, so they used ICSI) day3 embryo transfers on the 16 october, the day after I got a fever which I had for 7 days (had to start on my 4 antibiotics since after the surgery) and on the 24 october (1 week after ET) I started bleeding heavily. I bleed heavily for 4 days (with so severe cramping that I walked with crutches, probably due to my endometriosis), now I am on day 6 of bleeding and today and yesterday have been more like spotting.

Called my IVF clinic and I am scheduled to come in on friday for a bhcg test as they are concerned that I bleed so heavily. When I talked to them 3 days ago they did say that some women can bleed heavily for a couple of days, but I am still nervous.

This is our only chance, we only got one IVF try due to my type of endometriosis and if this doesn't work out I am having a hysterectomy.

crossing my fingers and hopping that these little embryos are doing fine, despite the heavy bleeding, the fever and all of the antibiotics. Have any of you had heavy bleeding this early in a pregnancy but still been fine?

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Hunni I'm so sorry to hear that you have bleed.. It's very scary to do that in pregnancy.. I can give you some hope however..I bleed very heavily when I was 7 weeks pregnant with my son.. The midwife called it a threatened miscarriage and told me to prepare myself..went to the scan and expected not to see a baby heart beat..was pleasantly surprised when I saw he was ok :) just celebrated his 16th birthday over the weekend :) some women do bleed and still have healthy babies :) please don't give up hope :) sending lots of love your way and hope that you're like me you bleed but babies fine :)

Good luck..




Hi. Unfortunately I don't personally know many people that have gone through ivf but I have read lots of comments from people on the internet that have bled and stil had a positive test result that was fine. U sound like uv had a really tough time of it. It makes me feel bad for feeling sorry myself. U should b incredibly proud of urself for getting this far in one piece and staying positive-ur doing everything u can at the mo for ur little embryo so il wil keep my fingers crossed that all goes well. Wishing u lots and lots of luck-il b thinking of u xxx


Hi Sandra, firstly congratulations for your positive result this is really wonderful news. I had spotting the day before my testing and i thought is over so i can imagine how stressful would be to see bleeding. Did your hospital offer you pogrestore injections as mine offer me straight away instead of vaginal one but as my spotting stop we did not take the injections. I hope everything works well for you, take a good rest. When is your first scan? Take care xxx


Congratulations- to you both. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you. Just read your story and you're having such a tough time. Really hoping it works out for you. Hang on in there Xxxxx


Hi Sandra - congratulations on the positive, that really is an achievement. I have too read some stories of bleeds with positive results. I have stage 4 Endo too, large ovarian cysts and I really don't hold out much hope for me. I have so much pain. I am on my first round of IVF and have lots of adherent organs like you. I have been given a max 10% chance of it working, as I am approaching 40 and also have a low AMH.

Keep us informed of your progress, but I will really happy to read this news.


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