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So I have seen the fertility dr earlier this week for IVf referral and today I am going to have some bloods done (rubella etc) I wanted to know, is it also worth doing the AMH test privately? as the nhs don't fund this test. I have my next app with the fertility dr in october and hoping results will come back normal for bith myself and hubby with his semen test. Does anybody know how long I would have to wait with the referral to the Ivf centre? My dilemma is that I have severe endometriosis which causes me pain everyday for the whole month and I am debating whether to hang on in there with nhs (they have said I am eligible for one free cycle) or as soon as my test results are through, shall I go straight to a private clinic to fasten the process? I know private clinics also have a lead time for consultations etc but just wanted to see if anybody could share their experiences.

Thank you so much x

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  • Hi there I definitely think it's worth doing the AMH test as until day 8 of my scans I wasn't aware that I had low AMH and the impact of this - I was heart broken as I went into this thinking hubby and I were both 'OK' as it was unexplained infertility so no other issues. Now I feel really stressed and a failure. I would say if you can then hold on for NHS as going private isn't cheap, it took me a couple of months to get things moving after the referral - I think this can depend on which hospital you're with too. Once u get started thought it starts to move along quite quickly. Sorry I don't know about endometriosis but there are ladies on here that do who can better advise u. All the best with your IVF journey xxx

  • Thank you for your response, hope you are feeling ok today. so my AMH came back at 5.4 not sure what this means? I did it privately. Waiting for other results, ie FSH etc. I know Private isn't cheap, I have been looking for clinics today and when you weigh everything up, it adds up to thousands

    Are you trying another cycle? x

  • I would check with your IVF centre if they will do an AMH test as most of them do. GP's and regular clinics dont tend to do this test. I had mine done at our clinic on the NHS but but Im in Scotland and the NHS is a whole other ball game up here! If you can hold off for you NHS go then I would as private IVF is extortionate. Im glad that I had my NHS cycles as even if it doesnt work you've had a trial at what drugs may work or wont work for you! Best of luck with what you decide!xx

  • Hi Cindrella, thanks, I know what you mean, maybe use the NHS for a trial period, I am just in a dilemma where I am in so much pain every day of my cycle that I am not sure how long I can wait for treatment, so debating whether it is better than I go private to get the ball rolling quicker. But hubby and I are in talks about it all. you feel so alone with this whole process :-( x

  • Yeah it's pretty crappy all the waiting around when you just want to get on and have a family!! Oh the other thing to check out is if you had a private round and it didn't work, would this affect you being entitled to an NHS round....ive seen some girls say this depending on where you live! Best of luck whatever you decide to do!xx

  • I can get one round free on nhs and still carry on with nhs round if I have 2 rounds on private only. But the nhs will slow down the whole process as they prefer you to try and get pregnant naturally so they have made a saving on the ivf round. I read yesterday that if you live in the borough of Camden, you get 3 ivf rounds and 3 frozen rounds!! I was shocked as most are 1 or 2 only. I don't get why each borough is so different. thank you for you well wishes x

  • I'm in Kent and I've had the AMH test done on the NHS by my fertility clinic in the local hospital x

  • hi Scarlett, I didn't know NHS funded for this test, my test was 5.4 so am not sure how good or bad it is, the DR is calling me later to explain further x

  • I have just had the tests done thid morning and did the AMH privately. i think I just need to know for my peace of mind. what do I do of its low? and how do you inow if your levels are good etc?

  • Hi crystal41. Ideally your AMH level should be over 15. If below 10, it becomes increasingly difficult to stimulate your ovaries during IVF, but not impossible, just maybe need to use a "short" protocol or "mild" IVF so as not to upset your ovaries too much. Good luck with the result. Diane

  • hi Diane, so my result was 5.4 which is terribly low I think, not sure what will happen re IVF and whether they may suggest not to go through with it as I have a low level. I am 37 yrs of age with severe endometriosis so I guess its both the age and condition that has reduced my eggs/harmed the quality of eggs perhaps

  • Hi cryst41. Well, I don't know what the criteria would be on the NHS in your area - you will have to enquire, but privately, they would probably try a mild form of IVF, so as to protect your ovaries. I'm sure you realise that all women's eggs start to reduce in quantity and quality after the age of around 38 years, so I think the sooner you can get treatment, the better. Good luck. Diane

  • hi Diane, I think you are right, I am guessing that's what they will most likely do if I go with private. In all honesty, I don't think I have a choice really, I can't wait around for NHS apps as everything is at least a few months wait and I turn 38 in March next year so its not that far away. The private dr has just called me to explain my results and he said that my level is not great, and its not awful either, it might be ok for ivf but egg stimulation might be difficult. He also said that I could probably have 2 or so rounds of IVF then would need to consider egg donors (something myself and husband are not sure about). It's all just a exhausting process :-( thank you for your well wishes

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