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Wait for ivf starts

Hi guys

I had my 2nd appointment today to be notified that they had lost my bloods!! Also the Consultant had no idea what she was talking about and asked about my first child I don't have a child !!! Sooo I'm very frustrated ! I insisted on Clomid but was told there is a risk of hyper ovulation so Iv jus been referred for ivf. No idea about wait times but one entitled to one cycle.

Not very happy 😭😭

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Sorry you've not had good luck with bloods and consultation

How rude of them! Maybe they had the wrong file,

I've had my blood test lost and then taken wrong times etc so get your frustration, have you been referred to the clinic or just to a gyno? As if it's the clinic could be 2-8weeks but if only to gyno then could be upto. A year till your at the clinic, xx



Thanks for your reply, I'm still at the gynaecologist but apparently there is not a long wait thou I will only receive one cycle of ivf.

The referral has been sent today, Any idea what the next steps will be?

Gave more blood hopefully they will not lose this lol



I'm from Kent so I'll tell you how mine went after referral but every area is different and everyone's treatment is different.

My gyno sent my referral off to my chosen clinic and said I would hear back within 2 weeks if not ring them, I rang the Thursday before Easter Friday bank holiday as hadn't heard, good job o rang as they was waiting for NHS gyno to contact me with regards to missing info from hubby. Sorted that out as soon as poss then rang them to say done it, book me in for a consultation 9th may, which went through all our history (which they kept to go through) got put on metformin due to high levels of amh.

And also told I've got to go on the pill and was given them there and then, and went over rough treatment plan. Then told nurse ring me within 4 weeks, they rang me last Friday (just literally the last 2 days of the 4 weeks) and went through dates over the phone so could be booked in, and told to start the pill also. So on my June period I've got to start pill, 3rd July nurse appointment to go through treatment and show how to do injections. Then base line scan and start injections 18th July. Scan 26/28 July and then ec 31st if my peiord behaves lol,

So once you've got the call from the clinic it's pretty quick.

I'd give your chooses clinic a call at 2 weeks to just make sure they have your referral if they haven't call you, or you could ask your gyno rough time. Xx


Hi strong-girl. I don't know how old you are, but maybe having your round of IVF might be the best option for you now. I realise that it's a lot to go through, but let's keep everything crossed for a positive result. Should it not work out, you will probably have the Clomid option to fall back on. Thinking of you. Diane


Thank u,

I'm 28 so let's jus wait n see trying to be hopeful that it all goes well.

The ladies on here r soo strong your excellent role models xxx


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