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Ivf referral

Hi folks,

I'm just wondering once your at a fertility clinic with the NHS (I'm at the Grove N.Ireland). How long before ivf starts i.e. When the consultant tells you need ivf. Is there another waiting list that you go onto or how soon would it start?

I just had surgery to remove sever endometriosis, which was only diagnosed at the fertility clinic. The consultant advised at the time It was highly unlikely I'd conceive naturally and after surgery I would need ivf. So we are due back at the clinic in September first appointment since surgery, I'm just wondering should I be getting excited or preparing myself for another long waiting list xx

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It's difficult to say as the wait is dependent on where you live.

Have you had all your blood tests/AMH tests/husband sperm test etc done? That's what I found took the time.

After all that was done and the consent gone through, I remember being disappointed as I had to wait simply because they were quite booked up (Exeter was the nearest clinic for me as I had to travel from West Cornwall).

After all tests etc were done for us, I had a 3 month wait to start on the meds. When they told me (I was expecting to start straight away), I burst in to tears with the disappointment but it's true that it goes by quickly. I just remember being in a constant state of limbo, feeling like my life was passing me by whilst I waited. Now I'm going through a second round and it was a similar time frame as I have to do a whole new fresh cycle as despite plenty of follicles, I didn't have many eggs.

They kept saying I should go on holiday whilst I can but this made me feel worse as I don't get paid holidays from work, can't give short notice and now have to pay for IVF so there's no way we can afford a holiday. You grow a thick skin through it all!


Thanks for the reply, yes we've had sperm tests and lots of bloods. At fertility clinic. Hubby sperm seems ok. Just me that needs the help.

I get what your saying about the waiting. Life just seems to be on hold.... I worked with girls that where having ivf and you don't realise the long emotional journey until your in it yourself.

I hope this 2nd time goes well for you. It's so expensive I can only imagine that the cost is adding to the stress.

Just wondering how are you preparing for your next round of ivf. Are you taking supplements or changing your diet etc? X


I felt I really did everything I could possibly have done last time, to the point where now I'm almost shrugging my shoulders (in a 'what's the point' kind of way) at the thought of being that good again. I even gave up refined sugar(!) I'm pretty healthy anyway and have been taking pregnacare supplements ever since we first started trying to conceive.

I went on daily walks along the coast, downloaded some mindfulness apps to try and keep me relaxed, so when it didn't work out, I was truly gutted and it hit me hard.

The issue is with my husband's low sperm count & motility so after we managed to get 3 embryos to blastocyst stage, together with all the positive changes to lifestyle. I was really hopeful.

I've taken the view this time that I will be more relaxed and not so hard on myself and accepting that what will be will be, but will still avoid the alcohol and caffeine.

I am a bit scared of entering in to the rollercoaster of ups and downs again. It was far more than I was expecting.

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Hey :) When we got told we needed IVF (ICSI) we were told 6 to 9 month waiting list from signing the consent (we signed there and then) so I thought it would be Summer (june, july or august) for me but I later found out from the clinic that I would get a letter in the Summer that I needed to respond to, a date would then be set in the next 4 to 5 weeks for treatment to begin in the next 3 to 4 months approx. meaning November for me and roughly one year from being told to treatment beginning.

I'm sorry to hear about your endometriosis but glad that they found it for you x


I had most of my appts at grove also. Signed consent forms aug'16 and in 3rd week of 5 week treatment plan. I got called off list end of may so it was about 9 months. I was diagnosed with something different so not sure if you will be quicker.


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