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what to do on the 2ww

hiya everyone,

I am on the short protocol after a month and a half of down regulation via the pill (microgynan) and have had my 2nd evening shot of menopur. Im 31 and have very high FSH of 21.5 and AMH 2.5, so Ive got severe ovarian decline but we don't know if its quality related or quantity related yet.

I know its early days and perhaps Im thinking too far in advance, but assuming all goes well down the line, and we get as far as a successful egg collection and transfer (fingers crossed), I was curious as to what the best way would be to spend the two week wait.

My fiance is suggesting we have a cheap holiday for a week to take our mind of things and enjoy a bit of sunshine and all inclusive food (not drink unfortunately). This sounds like a good idea to me but my head is all over the place and not good at making decisions atm - lol!

What do you guys think? and how did you guys cope through the 2ww? and suggestions, advice or tips?

Also just want to say how sorry I am to be hearing of a few ladies bad news. Stay strong xxx

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Hi sexyjeb i am currently on day 5 of my two week wait and my doctor advised not to go on holiday as you may experience bleeding or other pains which may need checked out so they advised me not to go abroad but i suppose it all depends on the individual.Good luck with your cycle it has been the longest week every for me :-( xx


thanks for replying weemex. Yea, that sounds fair enough.......didn't even think of that.

Congrats on having a successful time so far and you must be so excited and nervous right now. Other then long, how are you finding the wait? are you working or keeping calm at home? keep us posted :) xx


Thank you i am just so nervous every pain i get im thinking its them :-( .i have went back to work as i think it would drive me mad at home , i work in an office

Thats not too stressful.

except for cramps and pains i have found the process more emotional than anything.

thanks keep me updated on your progress too good luck xx


I agree. I test tomorrow but wouldn't want to be far away from the clinic. I have been keeping busy and, whilst a relaxing holiday sounds amazing, it may give you too much time to think and worry about every twinge. Also you may need to update your travel insurance.

My transfer was delayed as I had OHSS after EC and we went on holiday then which we both really needed. Maybe you could save the holiday as Plan B if you are unsuccessful this time or use the money you save on not going away to buy baby stuff if its good news!! xx


thanks for the advice. I think after reading the above, your both right and a mini holiday in the 2ww is not such a great idea. My chances of success are quite low so a nice break as a plan B is a great idea. Thank you and best of luck through it all xxx


Hi I rested a little the day after transfer then we went away for 2 days,. I was think back at work really. I wouldn't have been able to stay at home. I wanted things more back to normal and to be busy


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