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Waiting between IVF cycles

Hello ladies. I was wondering how long your clinics make you wait between cycles? I had my bloods back yesterday, 9dp5dt and my hormone level was 16, the nurse that told me was blunt and horrible, all she said was because of how low it is they aren't hopeful it will become a healthy pregnancy! Back tomorrow for more blood tests, feeling so numb today! Any help or advice would be so appreciated x

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ok, firstly good luck todaay, hoping you get the increase you want.

in answe to your question, as a minimm you would need to complete one monthly cycle before thenext round of treatment, so finish thiis treatment, then wait a month. your drs will need to have a follow up with you to review this round and all the data, so that they may tweak it before a 2nd round. i waited longer to give my body and mind time to recover and prepare for the next round.



Thank you so much for your reply Hun! I think I will be doing the same. I have ohss and I'm feeling so low so don't think I could go on to a second round that fast! Thank you for your good luck wishes, they've told us they aren't hopeful it will become a healthy pregnancy, and that today my levels could increase before the decrease! Thank you for the info Hun, it is very much appreciated xx


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