3 cycles of IVF

Really need some advise. I am currently being treated at the Glasgow royal. I've had one fresh cycle and 2 frozen all from the same batch of eggs therefore I thought that was the end of the NHS and would need to go private, but I've just been told that it only counts as cycle one and if I need to go back in for egg retrieval again that would be cycle 2. So it doesn't matter how many FET you have in between as long as it's the same batch of eggs. It that correct, I'm so confused 😯

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  • Yes that is correct. The definition of complete one cycle is being described in the welcome package kit if you would have received from NHS where the details about whole IVF process is given.. If you have frozen embryos and the first cycle fails they will use those. But if you haven't got more to preserve, they will put you on second cycle.

    One more news if you ate not aware.. If someone is on waiting list from this April 2017, They will be given 3 funded cycles now

    I hope this helps you xx

  • Sorry three cycles of ivf? For all? Sorry am I being dim or have I missed something?!?

  • For all those who have their names on waiting list from April 2017

  • Leesara I suspect that's Scottish rules. It's not the case in all ccgs across the uk

  • Scottish government to fund three IVF cycles on NHS - BBC News


  • Your so lucky, that's amazing!!!

  • Yes that's right!xx

  • This is interesting as I was told I could have 6 cycles but a max 3 fresh on the NHS, so if I had frozen embryos they would have to used first. I've have 2 FET's using the embryos from my 1st fresh cycle but these were classed as my 2nd and 3rd cycle funded by the NHS not still part of my first xx

  • It's different depending where you live. Postcode lottery!

  • Thanks so much for your info guys. Xxx

  • Yes that's correct. I'm in Scotland too. At the moment you are entitled to 3 harvests or egg collections , including how many Frosties you get which is fantastic. We are so lucky up here compared to the rest of the U.K. . But if you started the treatment before May of this year I think it is , not exactly sure, we still entitled to just the two. As the 3 rounds rule was only recently introduced X Hope this explains things X

  • Yeah this is what I have at my clinic, I'm in Scotland (Edinburgh). We're entitled to 2 fresh cycles which include all frozen embryos xxx

  • Same here! I'm Edinburgh aswel but I missed the cut fir 3 as I was on list from September x

  • I missed it too 😢 I was on the list from November 2015, started treatment in the October 2016 xxx

  • I was on list Sept 16 started treatment July 17 which us a bit disheartening when I didn't get call until the april/may!! But again some people only get one so have to be thankful for that x

  • Yeah we're definitely very lucky. And I see some places in England are scrapping free treatment altogether 😢 Such a shame xxx

  • Aw really!! We are lucky. That will be so heartbreaking for them. X

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