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Funding multiple IVF cycles

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Hi, I’ve never had IVF but I’m sure I’ll need it in the future after I’ve had a laparoscopy. I’m pretty sure I only get one cycle of IVF funded by the NHS and was just wondering how other people have funded further cycles? It’s all so expensive and as someone who doesn’t exactly have a lot of money, I’m worried about what we’ll do if we need more than one round of IVF. Any advice? ❤️

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My best advice is to start saving heavily now as much as you can. Even if you do conceive naturally or through nhs ivf you’ll have some savings for baby stuff. Best of luck xx

Thank you, we’ll definitely put some savings aside xx

Agree with Purpledoggy. If you can start putting some savings aside as soon as possible they will either help to pay for IVF or mean you will have some money for when you go on maternity leave.

I only had one round of IVF with the NHS but after that my clinic also offered a self funded option which seemed a more reasonably priced option than going fully private. xxx

Thank you! Was the self funded option cheaper than the private clinics? I’m just not really sure how it all works but I just want to know what our options are xx

My clinic is NHS that I self-fund (no NHS funding at all in my area). They did seem to work out a little cheaper than the local private clinic when I costed it all out but the package is a bit different so it's still hard to compare directly. If you can save up enough, I suggest a multi-cycle package as if you need more than one self-funded/private round they actually work out cheaper - mine is 10k for 3 fresh rounds and includes drugs; a single fresh round including drugs can run up to 6 or even 7k. xx

As Purpledoggy says it can depend a bit on what packages you qualify for as my NHS clinic was very much pay as you go which suited us but the private clinics will have different packages so it is worth looking into both and working out what works best for you.

If you look online you can find price lists for different clinics although they usually don’t include drugs and it can be a bit tricky to work it out until you know what protocol you will need. With the NHS I could take my prescription and buy my drugs anywhere so I got a few different quotes.

My fresh round was about 6k including paying for Embryoscope which was an optional add on and extra progesterone injections (because mine was a bit low even after taking pessaries). xxx

I’m based in Yorkshire but I have done a little research and there are some packages that do refunds and multiple cycle packages that would probably work out cheaper. Does anyone know how the multi cycle deals work? I’d be happy to pay 10k for a 3 package cycle but I’m not sure if that means paying the 10k outright or if there’s a payment plan option. I guess it all depends on each person it’s all just a bit confusing! X

I think payment plans would very much depend on the clinic. Mine I had to pay outright. The key thing is all clinics are bit different in terms of packages they offer and expected payment schedule. I suggest contacting a few clinics near to you to find out when they are next doing an information day (when I did it at mine it was all remote due to COVID and that may well be the case now) - they should tell you about the packages they offer and payment schedules etc then. You are not obliged to do IVF at those clinics, and indeed some ladies prefer to travel long distances to attend one for a specific reason. But it will help to give you an idea of what is out there and you can ask lots of questions about the process. xx

That’s a good idea thank you! ❤️

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joey81 in reply to Purpledoggy

Thats a great deal... which nhs hospital was you with? Im on London xx

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Purpledoggy in reply to joey81

I will PM you xx

Look into the programme ‘access fertility ‘ . Some clinics allow their use. You can have multi cycles and save a third but prices don’t include medication per stage.

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ZiggyandBC in reply to RhinoCat

I’ve done a bit of research into multiple cycle packages but I can never find a solid price they always just say ‘starting from...’ which isn’t very helpful xx

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Running79 in reply to ZiggyandBC

You won’t find a solid price, because what they sometimes quote is the basic package, it won’t include your medication which you may have to pay for on top of that.

Meds are between £500 and £1500

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RhinoCat in reply to ZiggyandBC

You can contact them

Through their online chat and they will email a quote . Then it will be money for meds on top . Their prices are in age brackets. They will email

You a copy of the relevant leaflet fir the clinic that you plan to use. Hope this helps 👌🏻

Hi Ziggy, you could also consider treatment abroad which can save loads. Fingers crossed! x

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ZiggyandBC in reply to DJ202

I haven’t looked into this yet, it’s a bit daunting as there’s so much to consider! If anyone has gone down that route I’d love to find out more! X

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DJ202 in reply to ZiggyandBC

PM me - happy to help with any questions you might have! :)

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ZiggyandBC in reply to DJ202

Thank you ☺️

Another tip- if you are younger ie 40 or below some clinics may offer you some money back if you don’t fall pregnant. All the best 🙏🏾

I’m 22 so I feel like I do have time on my side and hopefully being young will work In my favour so maybe this could be a good option! Thank you x

Ziggy are you based in london? There are some 3 cycle packages which i have come across in london which may help

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ZiggyandBC in reply to joey81

I’m based in Yorkshire 🙂 There are some 3 cycle packages that I’ve found close by I just don’t know if it would be worth it as they’re so expensive and we don’t exactly have lots of money! Xx

Bank loan - £13.5k over 5 years @ £275 per month got us 3 rounds of natural modified IVF

Remortgaged house - over life of mortgage it’s probably about £90 a month - that got us £25k

Lived like we had a child for a year another £13k

Remember that childcare costs start at around £1k a month for a full time childminder - more like £1500 for a nursery. If you gave up work to be a stay at home parent then you might lose £1100-1300 a month If you had a minimum wage job. You do need to assess if you can’t afford to save £1k a month now or afford repayments on a bank loan how you would afford a child once it’s here?

There are also refund schemes and finance via the clinics

Good point!!

Our IVF was all funded on credit cards - I’m down to the last £17,500 from £40,000 - but I can afford to pay off £600 - £1000 each month

Personally I couldn’t afford to give up work, but my husbands a pensioner with a part time job, so may need to give up work and just have his pension!

Not sure I’d want childminders or nurseries looking after my kid!! Too many reports in the media lately so I think we’ll steer clear of those

Most parents don’t have a choice but to use them as they can’t afford to have a parent at home. My older daughter was with a childminder from 20 weeks old (I’m the main earner) and my 5 month old twins start full time soon too.......

Im the main earner to now. I appreciate there are some that don’t have a choice which is unfortunate

I just begrudge giving my hard earned money away like that - it’s bad enough having to give it to the bank to pay the mortgage 🤦‍♀️

This is a good point, me and my partner are in our early 20s so we’re just starting out on our careers. We both have a big supportive family so childcare wouldn’t be an issue. I’ll have a look into the refund schemes, they seem like a good option. Thank you x

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