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PCOS,infertility and success!

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Wanted to share my little success story. I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2008 but because my BMI was high they wouldn't give me treatment. I battled with weight for 5 years and kept getting same response from the doctors. I had to have counselling, used to sob myself to sleeps and was a general mess. I finally snapped into action and lost a stone by doing a mixture of Atkins and caveman diet. Then in August 2013 I had more tests still no hormones. Dr told me to come back in January and lose another 10lbs. I gave up, thought sod it. Had a month off the alcohol, chilled out, ate good natural foods and did some meditation. Then beginning of October felt a bit crappy so took a preg test which I did all the time, sometimes 15 a month just to check and it was positive. My son was born 2 weeks ago! I thought I would never get a chance, but with a bit of willpower some relaxation and determination it can happen for anyone. Thanks for reading,

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wow. Thanks for sharing. I feel better after reading your post. :)

Wow - congratulations! Can I be nosey and ask what your BMI/weight was and how old you were? Thanks

Hi I am now 31 and my BMI started around 39 and I got it down to 36.2. The dr wanted it below 35 to start clomid. I weighed around 16 stone.

Hello. Thanks so much for replying. Well done on getting your BMI down as it is sooo hard! Many congratulations. A very inspiring story :)

Congratulations! This was the positive story i was needing this morning. Thanks for sharing x

Thank you very much for sharing your story!! It gives us hope that we have a chance too

Thanks for the replies. When I was trying to get pregnant I read all kind of success stories but never thought it would be me. It sounds cliche but I think forgetting about it after the dr said still no hormones helped. If anyone has any more questions more than happy to answer anything.

Congratulations !!! It was so nice reading your story I also have pcos and been trying for 2 years, I'm considering accupunture for the health benefits and to relax!! Good luck with everything xx

Thank you for sharing your story, I am 41 yrs old battling with a weight problem ever since I gave birth to my son 5 yrs ago via IVF , the weight won't shift ,, am not one to do exercise but I do eat healthy ,, now I want to have another child my doctor Wong rec me as I 2 stone over weight,,

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I struggle with exercise so went for the extreme diet for a bit. Good

Luck with getting another bubba x

Congratulations on your little one,and well done for getting your BMI down.. I still hAve stone to loose before they will even consider starting. They want mine under 29.. Must google the caveman diet.. I'm finding this last stone the hardest.. Either that or loosing my get up and go!!

So nice to hear a positive story

Hi if you google 'the natural diet solution for pcos and infertility' it is fairly hardcore but I literally followed it for weeks and it must have cleansed me a little bit or something :)

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