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Secondary infertility success?

Just looking for some positive stories here. I had and conceived my daughter easily. However, second baby we have been trying for 19 months only thing we have had is recurrent very early miscarriages. I am going through the process of tests but I think nothing will show up. Waiting for the antiphosphilipid results. Any successes ?Is there any hope in providing my child with a sibling? I am seeing an endo this week about elevated thyroid antibodies...

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Hello! Not chipping in with a positive story, just a I know how you feel story lol we have secondary infertility male factor, with 1 ovary and we just passed year 4ttc.

I found in 2014 I was hypothyroid and am currently on 100mcg Levo every day. It's a real possibility for you that if you are hypothyroid/hashimotos they can fix you! :) I was told by our fertility specialist that if your underactive it's not going to support a foetus without treatment. We've never been lucky enough to get pregnant since having this but I can't say that's not down to dh swimmers, but I know for a fact ovulation had stopped for me because they monitored my progesterone throughout my cycles(privately) and they were way off kilter. This again is due to my thyroid. If it does turn out your hypothyroid and there's no other underlying cause, you can get that sorted and hopefully get your rainbow baby :) xxxx


Aww thank you for your input . I wish you success. And I hope it is something that can be fixed


Hi orangepie

This isn't my personal story but my best friends, it is fresh in my mind because I have just done IVF and am currently on the 2ww so she and I have been talking about fertility quite a lot.

She conceived her first child within one month of trying, a couple of years later she was trying again and nothing happened for about a year. She then conceived but miscarried quite early.

She then struggled again and sought help. She was told she had a low egg reserve (particularly for her age, she was only in her twenties) she decided to try iui and it worked first time.

She then went on to have a 3rd child a couple of years later, conceived naturally on the first month! She was told she was just very lucky with no.1&3 because of the low ER. It just shows anything can happen, hope you can stay hopeful & you get your longed for 2nd child xxx

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Thanks for your input. Yes it's so confusing how these things work . I just turned 30 and they checked my reserves on natural cycle I had 12 follicles in each ovary. So I'm guessing ok? Because I keep getting pregnant but keep miscarrying very early . I think my issue is autoimmune. I think from all my research and blood tests it is to do with my thyroid antibodies and possibly anti phospholipid antibodies which I will need blood thinners for , I hear it's a very good success rate if treated. So fingers crossed. 3 weeks until my results .. I really hope you get success this cycle ! Thanks for sharing


Hi, Orangepie! I'm afraid I can definitely relate :( I'm 43, having a beautiful girl Pam (2 yo). Our sweetie has seen this world due to ivf with donor eggs in Greece. Now we're willing to have another baby. Due to some reasons we had to change clinics. This time it's Biotexcom in Ukraine. We've already booked our 1st app there on 30th March. We've already got all our questions listed as for the program and its details (Each day another thing added ;) This seems to be endless, but still people there are very patient and ready to bring us at ease with their answers.

Earlier I didn't think that the secondary infertility will be the same emotionally draining. I thought what else a woman having already had her baby could want more!!? This path is the same unfortunately. Not worse but just the same painful path....Everything from the very beginning with donor eggs....very tough..

So this is how it goes for our family at the moment. Hope you'll be ok with your treatment. Hugs x


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