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BFP after laparoscopy


Hi everyone,I wanted to ask if anyone has had a laparoscopy and got pregnant after? I had a laparoscopy to unblock my left tube which was covered with a cyst. Surgery went well. We wanted to start IVF but was wondering if it's possible to get pregnant straight after laparoscopy. We been trying for #2 for over 3 years.

Thank u

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I’m currently nearly 34 weeks pregnant after having a laparoscopy- so it does work!

I had a failed IVF, then my lap and they gave me 3 months to conceive and I conceived on the 2nd month!

They do normally say to try to conceive naturally for a few months first but I suppose it depends on your situation.

Good luck :)

One of my bffs did. The second cycle after her lap. She’d been ttc for over a year before the lap. Her little girl Lara was born two weeks ago xx

Yes they say within first six months some get pregnant straight away after a lap, it all depends on what your circumstances are. Make sure your vit d and folate are at good levels and your good to go


I got told if there's no other issues a lap can be very successful for getting pregnant, i was super fertile after mine, opks were through the roof. I think it's because it helps with any blockages etc.

Good luck


I had a lap last June and had tubes rinsed with a dye and fell pregnant in August. Now 31 weeks pregnant.

Thank u guys :) u have given me hope. I'll see how everything goes and give it a few months before going for Ivf. And congratulations to u all who are expecting 🤗. x

Hi i am 27weeks and 3 days today . I had my laparoscopy and after a year we did ICIS and got pregnant with out first cycle

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Wow congratulations :)

Glad things worked out for u. Hopefully it will for me too :) thank u for ur reply. :)

I didn’t get pregnant for two years before my lap, then got pregnant the first month after, as did two of my friends after their laps. Sadly I miscarried but that’s for reasons related to my husband’s sperm (turns out we both had problems). However the lap seems to have “fixed” me as I got pregnant again less than a year later. The doctors now say that there’s no problem with me falling pregnant as that’s a normal rate of conceiving. There’s just the problem of staying pregnant to deal with now, and we’re working on that!

Sorry to hear abt ur miscarriage. I'm glad u now don't have problems getting pregnant :) thank u got ur reply.x

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