Operation in the morning

Well its time to go into hospital in the morning to have my procedures, been waiting 5 months so i am finally here.. having both Laparoscopy and hysteroscopy to remove my remaining tube that has fluid and to have a look inside my uterus. Feeling abit nervous but at the same time time happy to get my body in tip top shape for our frozen transfers, i only have tubal factor infertility.

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  • All the best for tomorrow danielledavison. I had the same operation done in Feb of this year, although i had both tubes and 2 polyps for my uterus removed. I took it easy for around a wk after the op and i would say i felt uncomfortable for a few days after the op and only needed painkillers for one day after the op.


  • Thanks jhza700 can I ask why you had your tubes removed. I had my other tube removed in 2004 due to ectopic so just this tube to be removed. x

  • Hi Danielledavison, yes that's fine. After a couple of years of trying to get pregnant and around 5 months waiting on an appointment with the NHS, I decided time wasn't on my side (now 41 yrs) and booked a private consultation. At the first appointment i found out that i had bilateral hydrosalpinges, and a polyp on my uterus, that needed removing. Took a wee bit of time to get my head around the fact that i would never get pregnant naturally, although it wasn't happening anyway!. I read up on some research that suggested if the tubes are damaged, its better to have them removed before ivf, although at this time there is no conclusive evidence as to why this is the case. Also i trusted my consultant, who was adamant that my tubes, if damaged, had to be removed before ivf.

    All the best for tomorrow!


  • Hi thanks for your reply it is a big decision to get your tubes removed but if they are not working anyways then its best to get them removed, especially if there is a high risk of ectopic pregnancy aswell. x

  • Good luck for tomorrow Danielle, that's come round quick :-) hope all goes well and have a quick recovery x x x

  • Hi Thanks MrsMarsh should be back home by tea time tomorrow. Hope all is well with you xxx

  • Let us know when your back home and ok x

  • Hope all goes well for tomorrow x

  • Good luck. Hope everything goes well for you.

  • Good Luck; everything will be fine and you'll be sorted before you know it x

  • Good luck Danielle !! Next step towards your baby xxxxxx

  • Goodluck with your surgery and hope u recover soon.

  • Good luck xxx

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