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Trying after Lap for moderately severe endo...advice totally welcome :-)

Hey all

So this time next week I will be recovering from lap.

Consultant didn't say what stage I am but that I had moderately severe endo and a large cyst in left ovary.

Anyhow, I took my dreads AF today (grumble) and in between the sharp pains, vomitting and cursing the world; I was wondering about trying again after surgery.

Am I dillusional to think that when I get op I will be on Day 7, that I could try from Day 10 again....

I think it have went loco down in alcopoco but when trying for just shy of two years it's as if bang another month has gone.

Don't want to be tmi but have never felt sore during sex so that wouldn't be an issue,..

What do yous think? Or turkey Baster from supermarket ?!;-)

Love and hugs


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Only you will know if you feel ready. Can always try and if its too sore from op then at least you can say you tried. If your unable to have sex you could always try home insemination just so you not wasting a month. x


Thank you:)

Feels so mechanical but you have to do what you can don't you!

In relation to home insem, can you buy kits online cause that would save sooo much bother not only this month but other times haha! Or would this be a prescribed thing via Doctor?


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