Cancelled 5d DE transfer.. waiting to see if blastocysts tomor d6! Devastated and scared. Has anyone else been in this position?

Hi everybody. What an awful day. In the transfer room, expecting to hear we would have perhaps 4 good blastocysts, only to discover out of our 7 good day 3 embies, 5 are still developing they think (ok so far, we would expect that) but none gone to blastocyst. We started with 15 frozen donor eggs!!!

So, tomorrow we will have a call early morning to hear how they are doing. We have to be prepared that we will again have no blastocysts. If we do have blastocysts, the embryologist has been reassuring, and that perhaps only 5% less chance than a day 5 blastocyst.

But this is a long way from expecting (statistically, from the information our consultant gave us at the start) that we would have an excellent blastocyst to transfer day 5, and 3 or 4 for the freezer. We paid extra for more eggs so we would not be in this situation! ..Altho we know anything can happen in ivf.. but so upset it is happening to us! why why why! :(

Just hoping we will have good news tomorrow, trying to keep calm, and remember it's not over till it's over.

Big love everybody x

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  • So sorry to hear this and I really hope tomorrow brings good news 🙏🏻 Xx

  • Will keep my fingers crossed for you for tomorrow 🤞 X

  • Oh Coracle you must be worrying a lot. Sending you lots of hugs. Hope it goes ok tomorrow. I've never heard of this... but I'm sure you're not the only person...(I often think I am the only person something has happened to and no one can help me!) so hopefully you'll get some additional reassurance from here soon xxx

  • thanks so much Emu. I have done a bit of googling and have discovered I am not alone.. and found some ladies reporting bfp after day 6 blast... or even day 6 morula... xxx

  • Oh what a hellish day for you!! I had a 2x5 day transfer and ours weren't quite a blast, around 12 hours behind. These were my own eggs. However the embryologist said that we still had a 25% chance even although it was reduced! We sadly didn't get our BFP Try not to get too disheartened. I've seen a few ladies that have had a good outcome from a 6 day blast.....Im a self confessed Googler! All the best sweetie!!xx

  • Thanks so much Cinderella. Firstly sorry to hear about you, thank you for sharing. And thanks for your encouragement! xx

  • Thats ok, just started a new round so feeling good. Keep us posted lovely!! I have everything crossed for you!! Sending you positive vibes!!xx

  • Oh I'm sorry to hear what a rotten day you've had. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you tomorrow. I hope tomorrow brings you the news you so desperately want. x

  • Sorry to hear this but they must be strong little embies to get this far. Keep believing xxx

  • Hi Coracle so sorry to hear of you day.

    This exact thing happened to my friend although they did the transfer on day 5 bit it was still a Morula at that stage. 1 health gorgeous baby boy.

    The fact they are all still going surely 1 or 2 have got too. Keep positive love you are far from out yet. Sending you lots of love xx

  • Thanks so much LBM. So good to hear a good news story like that today, thank youxx

  • This is obviously so upsetting for you! I have absolutely everything crossed for better news tomorrow and the go-ahead you have been mentally looking forward to. This process is insane!! I am so sorry for your distress and hope tomorrow will be d-day xx

  • Hi CC. Thanks so much. You know, that's just what's been going through my head this evening - 'this process is insane!'. But.. getting to grips with where we are, and feeling a bit calmer. Very grateful for everyone's support and helpful comments xxx

  • You are going to be just fine. Deep breaths, some solid hugs and a good night's sleep xx

  • Oh gosh what a stressful time!! Really hope u get better news tomorrow x

  • Fingers crossed for good news today... You poor love.. What a time you had xxx

  • Good luck today! x

  • Hope your little embies have progressed into perfect blastocysts today. So hard when you are given the promise of donor eggs being the answer. Definitely still a good chance for you - I did a lot of googling when we had a 5 day morula transferred on our 2nd cycle! Keeping everything crossed for you xxx

  • Thank you so much everybody. Good news - we have 2 blastocysts, and 2 more trying hard to make it! They will tell us final grade of these blastocysts later. About to travel in to London, and transfer booked at 2pm. But.. feeling so wrung out! I was doing so well with feeling optimistic etc before yest, and I now feel like a popped balloon! Trying to get that optimism back.. getting there slowly! xxx

  • GOOD LUCK!!! 👍