Fet success stories needed please

Hi all. I'm currently on day 6 of down regulation for my first fet. I have a scan on January 31st to check my lining. Anyway I'm trying to be positive and I have moments when I am but mostly it's like I feel that it's not going to work. Why do I feel like this already? I'm trying not to but I can't help but think about the next go, the next fet, about what will be done differently if this doesn't work. So please, if you have success stories with fet, share them here x

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  • Oh I do!! And I have felt exactly the same as you and think it's perfectly normal to be worried and having doubts. All the way through our FET I kept asking my husband what our plan b would be as I needed to know we had a plan even if things didn't work out. It's only natural to worry and we are as positive as we can be (but nobody can stay 100% positive all the time!)

    Anyway I found our FET much easier than our fresh cycle and we were so lucky to get a positive. Our little boy was born on New Years Eve and we are so in love with our little Frostie!

    Good luck and I'll keep my fingers crossed for you xxxx

  • Thank you for sharing and congratulations!! X

  • stay strong! I can't give you a success story as only just starting on this process (hope to start injections next month). All I can say is I totally empathise. Finding it really hard to have any positive thoughts that it's going to work. Good luck xx

  • I'd like to tell you it gets easier but as this is now technically my second ivf cycle... πŸ˜• Thank you and good luck on your cycle x

  • I think it's a defence mechanism after all you've gone through your brain is trying to prevent you from being disappointed should the worst happen? I felt exactly the same. I had my third go at IVF (first FET) at the end of the year and we were lucky enough to get a bfp. Still have a long way to go and I still don't feel safe yet, still so certain something is going to go wrong and I'm dreading the 12/13 week scan because I've got this feeling of impending doom. I think it's our brains way of coping Xxx

  • Good luck with your scan! I think I understand this fear you have. I said to my OH that the fear probably never goes away because of all we've been through to try to achieve a pregnancy in the first place; we feel like it could all be taken away from us suddenly, maybe even because it doesn't seem 'real' like it's all a dream x

  • definitely a defence mechanism! I was quite pessimistic doing my FET, even up till the pregnancy test! Was convinced I was getting my period. Shock of my life seeing 2 pink lines! The FET was so much gentler on my body, was quite poorly after my fresh cycle with the added crush of a BFN. I'm 30 weeks today after my FET ☺ so I'm a success story! Best of luck x

  • Totally empathise with what your going through, cannot give you a success story either as I'm just about to start injections for my FET cycle on 30th January. But sending positive thoughts and wishing you all the luck xxxxxx

    Will be thinking of you, please keep us updated xxx

  • Good luck Smithha πŸ€πŸ€ x

  • Thank you xxx

  • Wow embiemomma 😳 was it your first fet? Congratulations x

  • yeah first FET! Still feels a bit unreal and only got 10 weeks to go! We were also lucky to get it funded as our CCG only fund 1 fresh cycle but as I was so poorly after my egg collection and probably shouldn't have had a transfer when i did, they took it to the board and classed my FET as part of my funded cycle. Very lucky! Feels like it was meant to be. X

  • That's amazing news congratulations, this has certainly given me some hope. xx

  • Me too. x

  • We are 38 weeks on Friday after our last FET! If it hadn't worked we would have given up due to lack of funds and the stress of it as we had privately fund. Looking forward to meeting our little one soon but as pp said, after going through IVF I've felt pretty anxious during the whole pregnancy, only relaxing and buying baby things after 28 weeks when we know chances of survival are much higher.

    Good luck! I have found meditation the most helpful antidote for the stress of Ivf. Xx

  • Thank you Rose x

  • I m 15 weeks pregnant with fet...al d best....

  • Thank you. Was this your first fet?

  • Yeah it was the first fet..my treatment had started in May but I didn't inject the ovitralla (trigger shot) properly so they found no eggs...second time in august they collected 15 eggs (12 mature, only 5 fertilized n 3 made its way)...they transferred the best embryo n I got pregnant but had chemical miscarriage in September...then I waited fr normal period n had fet in October...both of the frozen embryos were transferred, one didn't degrade its quality but one degraded..now I m pregnant with one single baby n happy...I wish u al d best fr ur fet..I felt as if it was natural conception bcz fet s much more easier than fresh cycle...good luck....

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