trying for a baby!!... not such a fun experience after all

hi all... I am 20 and and trying for a baby, my partner is 25 and we have been trying for a baby for a year and a half, yes I know there are going to be people on this that say I am to young but me and my partner is in a good position to try for a baby and will be able to take care of a little one giving it a wonderful life.

we have been together for a few years and a year ago and a half talked about trying for a baby. I come off my contraceptive pill and i started my period which i was not getting while being on the contraceptive pill. Then after one or two periods they stopped i haven't had a period for ages I went to my GP and i had blood tests and they all come back saying everything was okay... i am now in the situations as what to do?!?!?!?!? :s I am scared there is something wrong i have always wanted a small family and i am very much older in my head that what my age is... is there anyone out there in my situation or is it normal should i go back to my GP..... thank you

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  • Hi I would go bk and see your gp. Maybe ask to see a different doctor.. in my experience some doctors dont explore all avenues. Good luck

  • Hi There as sum1sweeta said I would maybe consider seeing another GP in the practice. I know that when you are under a certain age they will not even consider referring you to a fertility clinic if you haven't been trying for a certain length of time. The blood tests you had, do you know what they were for??? Not having a period is something you could maybe return to the GP with and question? The blood tests you had did they confirm ovulation? How long has it been since you had a period? I would try not to worry too much as the contraceptive pill can send your body out of whack, as above I would return to the GP to talk this over, have you got someone who can go with you for support I find this always helps me and I write a list so I know that I have covered everything I need to ask!! Good luck x x

  • I do need to got back to the doctors.... its just hard as I feel stupid as my age! and when i through i was pregnant before i went to the doctors and the nurse was very rude to me and basically sad i was way to young to be considering it and to use protection. after this is when i started to realise that there was something that was not quite right and that's when i went back to my GP for the blood test, the blood test tested a few different things i cant remember exactly but it deferentially did not test ovulation. since Christmas i have had 3 periods... i was told the pill will mess my boy up but it would be back to normal after a year but i have been off it for longer that a year. i have my partner but i find it hard talking to people about it its taken long enough to put a message on this!!! i feel like no one understands me and i am worrying for nothing being silly.

  • I have seen other people in hear mention that clinics will not take them under a certain age there was one lady that said she had to be 30. Also I'm not sure how long they class "trying" normally before they will consider a referral. Perhaps try a different tact with your doctors tell them you're concerned that your periods are not regular and you're worrying for the future. I do tend to agree that 20 is too young but at the same time if I'd have known at your age I couldn't have children I'd have started the ivf route sooner.

  • Hi there my friend was off her pill for a year and a half before falling pregnant her period she hardly had any periods as well, she went to the doctors for her blood tests which were all ok and she gave birth to her first baby in march. Please don't worry it does take time for your period to return back to normal - failing that you can ask to be seen by another GP - it is not right that you were discriminated against because of your age. I was 22 when I went to the doctors with concerns, turns out both me and my partner have problems and I have started my ivf journey now aged 23. I do feel young though compared to others. We are lucky as the area we live you have to be 23 to start ivf - I know that some areas are 30. I hope you get the help you are after. X

  • Thank you for the advice, i hope i haven't upset anyone thinking i am thinking that i am never going to conceive when there is actually people out there that is actually going through it! i just wanted to ask someone's opinion that actually know more about this than me... i feel a pain and silly going to ask the doctor so wanted to see what others said before going. so i am going to book am appointment when I can get time off work. and i am going a speak to them about my lack of periods and see what they say... I just want to know if all it okay and then go from there. I will keep people posted what happens if you would like. Thank you again xx

  • In my experience with GPs you have to go in, armed with knowledge and fight for what you want. You need to get this checked out. Yes, defintiely keep us posted and good luck.

  • Don't worry you have not upset anyone! I know what you mean with doctors I feel nervous and stupid every time I go!! Good luck :-) xxxxxx

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