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Feeling deflated today


So today Im feeling a bit crappy- Im usually such a positive person and Im really trying to be but Im 3 days past my 5 day transfer & i just can't help but think it hasn't worked again already! I know its early days but I feel completely fine with 0 symptoms etc and I know these are the days that implantation should happen- I feel no different to last time when we got a BFN from our 1st round - grrrrrr hopefully tomorrow will be a better day xx

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I think it's only natural to feel that way, I guess a way of protecting yourself if the worse should happen. But don't give up hope just yet, have faith in that lil embie of yours, you've been so strong to get to this point and I really wish you all the best x

Thank you I think going through it for the second time I've been fine all the way along as I knew what was coming until now and the waiting again is making me too emotional today xx

I completely understand - I'm currently 4 days after my 5 day frozen transfer and I'm all over the place.

This is my third attempt and the symptoms I'm having are the same as my last 2 (period type pains, sometimes quite sharp and then nothing at all).

Try and keep positive as much as you can, it's so hard, but from what I've read from other ladies, symptoms can be zero and it could still end in a BFP!

Mother Nature is very strange indeed.

All the very best of luck xxx

Hey lovely,

It's always so easy to symptom watch, but just because the last one didn't work it doesn't mean this one won't, what you have to remember, is if it was happening naturally you wouldn't feel a thing or know about it till you were late from your AF, you just need to keep positive (so bloody hard I know) that this is your time. hopefully today you have woke up and feel much better and stronger, and I really do have everything crossed for you 💕Xxxx

I know exactly how you feel. I cried solidly for 3 days after my transfer and have convinced myself we have failed. Prob just preparing for the worst to protect myself. I had period pains for a couple of days and am still convinced that every time I go for a wee I will see blood and know it's game over even though I now feel nothing. The waiting game is a cruel one.

I would normally say relax and stay positive but when people say that to me I want to slap them!!!

Lots of love and take each day as it comes. You will have good days too (admittedly I haven't had many but I thank all the drugs for that!!) xxx

Hello ,

I just read your post , and actually thought this was myself writing it ....

I totally understand how your feeling . I had frozen egg transfer on Wednesday which had got to blastocyst .

I took a few days off to relax as I'm a dance teacher and wanted some time to chill .

Like yourself I'm worried I'm not getting symptoms , and what I'm feeling could be from the pessaries . This is also my 2nd cycle ...

My best advice is to stay in the company of others , who you trust or try and keep busy .

We were at a party last night , myself and hubby , ... at first I really didn't feel like going seeing everyone drinking cocktails etc , but I had a great time.

I've now discovered Mocktails ! The company of my friends and husband took my mind off symptom spotting for a few hours at least .

Good luck to you and let's hope we get a pregnancy soon xxx

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Aww hank you, yeah today we've decided to go out to the cinema and I've organised to see friends all next week to keep my mind occupied hopefully, good luck with your little frozen embie hopefully we will both get good news soon xx

hey Laura,

I had no symptoms till day 5 which was only a few cramps, so don't give up just yet. Think positive. Give your embed a chance, you never know xx

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Thank you, Im day 6 now but still no symptoms at all- I've had headache for 2 days but I think that's the drugs - only a week to go till I can test so will try keep positive that it will be a BFP xx

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Exactly keep positive, its not over yet. Try and keep busy .. good luck x

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