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Referred to endocrinologist high estrogen and prolactin?

My Dr did blood tests for the last two months and has now told me I have unusually high readings for both prolactin and estrogen. She says she's referred me to an endocrinologist in Edinburgh, as the standard tests for thyroid function, diabetes etc have come back clear and she is not sure of the cause. She said it was pretty much impossible for me to get pregnant while my hormones are so out of balance. She seemed to think there might be quite a long wait for me to see the specialist.

Does anyone have experience of something similar, or been to the endocrinologist in Edinburgh or Scotland?

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I was pregnant last year but after a miscarriage my prolactin levels (which rise during pregnancy) remained high and it messed with my ovulation meaning I could not get pregnant. After seeing the endocrinologist I had an MRI scan which was clear but as my prolactin was raised she put me on Cabergoline which lowered my levels within two months and now im 9 weeks pregnant. You have to stop taking the medication as soon as you get a positive test. I had to wait ages for the various appointments, which was very frustrating, before i got Cabergoline but luckily it worked very quickly to reduce the levels. I wish you the best of luck and hope you get seen soon.


Do you know what your levels were? There can be several causes. Hope you manage to get seen to quickly x


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No details of how high my levels are but had a referral letter through to be seen on 11 Feb AT RIE in Edinburgh, which seems quite quick compared to what I was expecting. Fingers crossed.


In a weird twist, I got a positive test result on 15th Jan, and again on 22 Jan. We were really excited, since the Dr had told me I wouldn't be able to get pregnant with such high hormone levels... Then I started bleeding on 25th, when I would have been about 5.3 weeks. We had to go to the OOHs GP, who pretty much told me I couldn't have had a positive test as it was negative when he checked, so I must have imagined it... so pretty horrible weekend really. So back to the drawing board, still have to see the endocrinologist on 11th.



I see an Endo in Edinburgh. Did you ever find out the cause of the High Estrogen and Prolactin?

I have the same issue and extremely sore boobs!

Hope you got it sorted! I am also in Edinburgh :)


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