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Finally been given the go ahead to be referred for IVF

So this morning I had my apt at hospital to get weighed as I was exclactly 30BMI so they have given me the thumbs up to refer me for IVF in Wymondham :)

I've just had a few blood tests done this morn that needed doing DH has gotta have a semen analysis as it's been over a year since last one and he's also gotta hav blood tests and I've also gotta have a chlamydia test done.

I believe the waitin list at Wymondham is 3months an hopin all my details will get passed across in about 3weeks once all tests are back in

Can anyone advise me of anything about IVF? I am praying I am pregnant by Xmas, do u think this is possible ?

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Hi, I'm at Wymondham and I was told there's no waiting list.... Check again with them! It's a great clinic though and lovely people there.

If you start your treatment in 3 months and all goes well you could be pregnant by Xmas as even if you don't start straight away ( they will explain it all in the seminar how it depends on your previous cycles) there'll still be 5 or 6 months of the year left.

Although we had our seminar March 31st I still haven't taken any drugs or done anything as I am waiting for my next period to begin. It all depends on you and your cycle. Then they work out timings according to availability of consultants for procedures.

It will be ok. They will explain how it all works :-)


Oh I'm so excited eeeeek

Just hoping James paget hurry up with the referral and send it x I called wymondham today and spoke to them and they didn't mention a waiting list they actually said ud be surprised how quick it all happens which makes me happy :)

My cycles are always quite regular and I always come on around the time I'm due on so fingers crossed that is all okay and don't cause any set backs x

Let me kno how u get on and what happens etc x


Great new all the best x x


There you go! If you don't ask...! I'm now day 43 of natural cycle and the waiting to come in is horrible. I'm going away for the weekend though so won't be thinking about it as much.

My next booked appointment is May 13th.... It is going quickly though :-)


Day 43? What since ur last period? How come so long?

Is tht normal for u x my cycles are usually 28-30 days every month :/

Or do they give u something to postpone it?


My cycles (without drugs) are very long because I have trouble ovulating. So the time when eggs should be released it doesn't happen. However the lining of my womb etc is still getting ready for the egg. Eventually when my body realises there is no egg I have a period. It's like the two compartments of my body are not communicating! Thankfully I have a good AMH and I have NOTHING else wrong with me!

My next appointment is still May 13th with stimulation drugs starting May 28th and hopefully egg collection on 25th June.

So... once you're IN the IVF clinic and you have your consultation your IVF treatment will depend on your cycle and this will determine dates for procedures.

Did you find out when your seminar appointment is??


Ooooooo right x

Wow that's sound still all so long winded lol x

The hospital are just waiting for all result from bloods and hubby semen then the referral will be sent off x

How long did it take to get ur first seminar from when ur hospital had sent off ur referral x I'm goin on holiday on sat for a week and am worried I'm gonna put a bit or weight on as my BMI is exactly 30


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