high prolactin and low Oestrogen levels

I have a laprascopomy dye test on thursday next week to find out if my fallopian tubes are blocked but had 3 blood tests done on day 2 , day 21 and day 28 of my period . day 2 everything was clear . Day 21 - oestrogen was too low (it needs to be at 30 to ovulate ) mine was 8.9 .. day 28 bloods have shown that my prolacin levels are too high .. Does anyone know what medication i will be given to bring down the levels of prolactin? and if anyone is on the tablets can you guide me through please . thanks .

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  • Hi romaluna2015. I think the Day 21 test you had done would have been to check your progesterone level to see whether you had ovulated or not. The normal should be 30 or more, so a result of 8.9 would show that you did not ovulate that month. You may need to have the prolactin level repeated. if it remains very high, and you have other symptoms such a a milky discharge from your nipples, then you may possibly be prescribed a drug called bromocriptine to reduce the level and hopefully restore normal ovulation. Hope this helps. Diane

  • Hi Diane . I had day 2 , day 21 and day 28 - prolactin was high . Which needs to come down . I'm hoping the tablets you said can be prescribed have you had any dealings with it ? Side effects etc ? And my progesterone is way too low so just waiting on results on Thursday now as have laprascopmy test :( yes sorry I'm getting mixed up it is progesterone . X

  • Hi romaluna2015. Have been away for a week so not quite sure where you are up to with all of this. Regards to the Bromocriptine drug I mentioned, the usual side effects (most common) are nausea and sometimes headaches. Should you need to be prescribed it, I have found it usually works well. Hope all goes/went well with your laparoscopy, and good luck! Diane

  • Hello I haven't posted in a while . I got the news I wanted my tubes are not blocked and I'm now on chlomefene . My surgery was a last Thursday . . I wanted to post my good news but I felt really bad if I did on those who don't always get the news they want to hear so didn't post .. I went in totally expecting to be coming out of hospital devestated .. But me and my husband got the outcome we wanted .. The doctor has removed my ovarian cyst too . Which is great news for me as the pain has now subsided due to removing it .. Hopefully the tablets work I'm on 50mg for now hopefully it works for us . Thank you for contacting me again .. I truly do appreciate it xx

  • I haven't been prescribed anything for prolactin the doctor doing my surgery said that's it's not overly High and I should still be able to concieve with it as it is x

  • Hi romaluna2015. Thanks for this update, and so good to hear that your tubes are both patent and that you are rid of the cyst, which was obviously the source of pain you were suffering. At least you now have the all clear to try Clomiphene (Clomid). I would imagine that you will be on 50mgs for the first 3 months, and then increased to 100mgs for 3 months. Anyhow, let’s hope you don’t need it for that long. Good to hear too about your prolactin level. It needs to be really high with other symptoms, such as a milky discharge from the nipples and headache, before investigating it further. Keeping everything crossed that this treatment works for you. Diane

  • Thank you so much :) . Hopefully I fall on the 50mg . Thanks for your support x

  • Oh I do hope so! Got everything crossed for you. Diane

  • Thank you 😌

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