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Any advice welcome :o) !

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Hi All

New to this and just thought id see if anyone can offer any advice.

I'm 28 and was diagnosed with PCOS in 2005, which wasnt an issue until recently. My partner and i have been together for 5 years and for maybe the last 3 years have not been using any contraception, with the view if i fell pregnant it happened and if it didnt it didnt. Well it hasn't happened and for the last 12 months ive been finding it harder and harder to deal with.

Ive been to my gynecologist who wants to re-diagnose me with PCOS, ive just had day 2 bloods taken after a course of norethistorine then back in 3 weeks for day 21 day bloods. My partner has also to make arrangements for a semen analysis. Not back to the gynecologist until Jan so wanting to get my head straight and questions organised before i go. I find myself getting emotional when i start to talk about it so dont get to ask all of the questions i have up my sleeve.

Any tips or pointers would be appreciated! Theres so much information out there but hopefully someone will have had similar experience and can keep me right.


WT xx

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Hi ya and welcome, everyone is going through pretty much the same on this forum as you are so we will all understand what you are going through.. There is a tablet out there for women that have PCOS and it has quite a high rate in pregnancys. I think you can only try for 3 cycles though. It's called Clomid, my friend fell in the first month?

Thanks Mrs M, will have a look into clomid x

Hi there. The good news is that PCOS doesnt mean you cant concieve. Clomid will increase the number of egges you release in a given month I went on it for 3 months and it didnt work but for lots of people it does. I have mild PCOS and still ovulate naturally and although my cycles differ each month I still have a "regular" bleed. If your partner hasnt had a semen analysis done then you may find something which could be the reason i.e low semen count or not great grades. Depending on the results depends on which treatment they refer you for. Most of the time they do give you a chance at the Clomid whilst on the waiting list for additional treatments. You will also have to have a dye thats injected through your pelvic area to check for blockages or things such as a tilted uterus which might be causing an issue. The main thing to remember is that its normal to be nervous but try to relax during this time as you are only touching the surfaces so dont get too caught up in the what ifs x

Hi crystal, it sounds like the Nhs are doing the right things for you my advice to you would be to get all the help you can from them try and write a list of questions for your next appointment, ask them about fertility help which you are entitled to, I have pcos and take metformin which has helped regulate my periods I fell pregnant last year but miscarried at 5 weeks, I have just found out I am now 6 weeks pregnant and I Beleive it's with the help of metformin try not to stress as they say it doesn't help , keeping a good balanced diet and exercise is important for women with pcos , please stay positive and keep going and make sure you get all the help and advice from the Nhs good luck with it all xx

Before you go write everything down you have questions about. Anything that crops up while you are there, question too. Information is power ;-) xx

Hello, this is my first time posting on a forum. Feeling in a particularly bad place today so thought talking to you guys was worth a shot. I am 31 (almost 32) and we have been TTC for 21 months (after Christmas the 2 year mark will approach ever quicker). I am starting my last (6th) cycle of Clomid - I don't ovulate on my own but do have a regular 4-weekly cycle and bleed on my own (just no egg to show for it!). I am getting really anxious about what the next steps will be as I was pinning all my hopes on the Clomid working. My DH had his sperm tested before I went on the Clomid and it was ok but could have been better, he is trying to give up smoking to help this. Until now it's a gynaecology clinic I've been attending and my next appointment isn't until June at the fertility clinic - but my consultant said to phone after my last Clomid cycle and they may see if I can be seen sooner. Just really anxious about what other options we may (or may not have) - I'm guessing IVF is our next route and that in turn is making me stress about the fact our chances of having a baby are ever more dwindling as if that doesn't work we'll have very little options left. I'm trying not to be negative but it's so stressful and is starting to affect my health and my relationship with my DH as I'm becoming quick-tempered and irrational, crying really easily etc. Any advice offered would be fab :) xx

Hi weemrsh I am sorry to hear what u are going through. I was similar to ur self in that I was having my period every month but some months I was not ovulating, I must admit I wasn't given clomid because I was getting a period so I was given an appointment at the fertility clinic. I have needed to go private for ivf due to waiting times on the nhs as I don't have time to wait. Perhaps see what ur options are with private and find out how long the waiting list is on nhs, hopefully the list won't be too long to wait. Good luck xx

Thanks patientpolly. Is there a way to find the waiting times online? I won't be back at consultant for a few months. Not even sure ivf will definitely be our next stop, only guessing. Good luck to you too xx

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