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Hi its been a while since ive been on this site

I did my first cycle icsi last year and I was blessed with a son who is now 5 months old

me and my partner have discussed having another one as we have one left in freeze ,also my partner has 2 other sons 25 and 12 and we didnt want thomas growing up as the only child

the clinic have advised me the price for embryo replacement is £950

can someone advise me what the process is would I have to do the injections again or does it work along side the natural cycle?

Thank you x

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Hello Ro5ie, congratulations on the birth of your son. I don't have any advice but I am in the same position. We have a 5 month old girl from a successful round of IVF but also have frozen embryos we would like to use. I would also like to understand more about how a FET works so I'm following your post!

Are you thinking of going ahead with it soon?

Take care X

Ro5ie in reply to Hopeful1982

Hi Hun congratulations on the birth of your daughter

Im gonna call up the clinic today and make an appointment to see the consultant and discuss my options

I did have a c section and I was advised to wait a year before trying again but my partner is older than me and I feel like I am ready to have another I will keep u informed

how many do u have frozen? We only have the one to use I had 4 fertilise during my cycle but the other 2 wasnt strong enough for freezing and then i had one blastocyst put back and a blasto frozen Im wondering do they do the transfer on the same day as thawing the emby xx

Hopeful1982 in reply to Ro5ie

Hi, I also had a c-section so we are in the same boat! We have 3 frozen blastocyst which is great - when we embarked on this process I would have given anything to be in this position but it is daunting to think of going through it all again! I think I will feel ready to try again in the new year but would like to speak to my clinic about it soon just so I can get my head around it all!

Wishing you the very best of luck X

FET can be done with natural cycle. You just have to have blood tests and some scans so they can check when is the exact window to put the embie back in. I have heard some people have drugs but I'm not sure why? I'm guessing it's a case by case basis according to hormone levels. Good luck!

Hi. I was told by my doctor that it follows the natural cycle. So no more injections. However, on the first day that I will get my period I will have to take some pills ( forgot the name , I think they are called something like estradiol , on my way into work so can post it later when back home) . Also apparently you are totally awake and conscious when the transfer takes place.

The doctor did say that the chances from frozen are much higher as your body is in more of a natural state and in the states they are doing less and less fresh transfers.

The clinic I am going to has been amazing so far and the doctors and nurses have been very supportive.

But nerves are now kicking in a bit, so I should really get back to doing Yoga and walking to calm my mind

Best of luck with everything xxx

Ro5ie in reply to San1510

Thank you san how long does a FET cycle take?

The transfer isnt painful you dont need to be a sleep for that when i had my first transfer they just asked for me to have a full bladder during the transfer

good luck with ur treatment hope all goes well xx

San1510 in reply to Ro5ie

Thank you. I had egg collection done on 5th August. And am having the transfer done in October. I could have done transfer earlier in September but doctor wanted my body to be back to normal as possible. So will see. Fingers are crossed xx

A friend I know is just away to start the same process. The consultant told her 2-3 weeks of nasal spray then 2 weeks of tablets.xx

San1510 in reply to Lucyloo81

Thank you . Would you know what the nasal spray is called. The clinic just talked about tablets and not the spray. Seems like the clinics follow different protocols xx

Ro5ie in reply to San1510

It may be the buserelin nasal spray they also do it in a injection form xx


Yes, I was told yesterday it's the nasal spray for 2-3 weeks then a baseline scan then tablets for 2 weeks before another scan to check I'm ready for transfer. It's pretty quick and no more injections 👍🏼👏🏽

Good luck x

San1510 in reply to Hidden

Thank you. I think I will call my clinic again as I wasn't told anything about nasal sprays, but seems like everyone else was. Confused xxx

Hidden in reply to San1510

I can't remember the name of the nasal spray but you should give them a phone and talk over everything. I was about 40 mins going over it all yesterday x

San1510 in reply to Hidden

Thank you Hidden . Had a quick chat with nurse and she said no nasal spray will be needed.

I have a follow up, proper appointment on 9th and will ask in detail as to why.

Reading through the posts on this site, everyone who is doing a transfer from frozen seems to be prescribed the spray . Interesting 😀


Hidden in reply to San1510

Unsure they know what's right for you but it does seem weird if everyone else is having it. You need to trust them though don't you xx

I'm having a natural FET in the next few months. If you cycles regular you will prob be offered natural. If your cycles aren't regular then it will be a medicated trasfer x

a FET is a similar process to a fresh but without the egg collection, so you still have down reg to shut off your natural cycle (buserelin) then scans to check the lining, then you start oestrogen and progesterone (tables and pessaries) as your ovaries won't be producing these, then transfer is the same as a fresh cycle, you have to increase the oestrogen and pessary support till week 12 of pregnancy though as your body won't produce it and the placenta will take over at that time. It's much less demanding on your body isn't as long as a fresh because you cut out the stimulation and egg collection. Hope that helps!!

Thank you embiemomma . I rang the nurse in the clinic for a quick chat, I have an appointment to discuss in details on sept 9th.

My periods are regular, like clock work 😀

I asked them about nasal spray and they went nope, I will just be taking tablets and pessaries and will have a scan on day 13 after 1st day of my cycle to check the thickness of the lining


Hi I have done 2 completely natural FET's without any meds or scans, I just test for ovulation, when I get my peak I ring the clinic and then6 days later go for embryo transfer, it's much less stressful and so easy, also you don't have to wait for drugs to come out of your system etc so you can start trying again straight away if it does not work. My 1st FET was achemical pregnancy and we have just done our second natural FET and got a positive test. I had acupuncture pre and post transfer also.

Good luck I would def recommend a natural FET

Lou xx

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