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First Gynacolegist Appt through NHS. Any advice on what to expect? Or any preparation I can do?

Hi everyone

I finally received a letter confirming my appointment with a gynacolegist after my referral from my GP after 3 months. I'm so excited to get an apointment as it been nearly 2 years of TTC. Each day has felt like a week of waiting.

I few weeks ago we decided to see a private consultant to find out more and for me to have a hycosy to check my tubes. There was a blockage that was found and the test seems to have removed that blockage.

But as I have PCOS I am not sure if I ovulate etc.

Now I have this appointment through the nhs with a specialist I really want to be as organised as possible. Are there specific questions I should be asking?

Does this appointment mean that for fertility I will have to be referred to another specialist? I have so many questions but I don't want my emotions to take over. I want to be more organised so I can get as much help and advice to get onto the next stages.

Any advice would be appreciated as I have no idea what to expect as such.

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My gp referred me to sub fertility clinic first and they eventually referred me on to gynaecology so I think it may work differently in different areas. Has your partner had a sperm check done? And have they done day 21 and day 3 blood tests on you to check hormone levels? These are the things I had done before I went to my first sub fertility appointment and they used these to decide next steps.

In terms of ovulation, have you used ovulation test sticks to see whether you seem to be ovulating in the meantime?

It’s great that your blockage got sorted- don’t stop trying in the meantime, you never know! 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

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Hi Lizzielizzielizzie

Thanks for your message.

Ah that is interesting it does seem like the process is not standardised and does vary.

My husband's sperm has been checked and that's received the all clear.

In terms of ovulation I have tried sticks and have tried charting my bbt and I've not had any clarity.

In terms of the 21 and 3 day blood test I have not had those as I have PCOS and my periods are irregular it's very difficult to be able to pin point this.

Yes trying to stay positive 😊


Hopefully they’ll give you some guidance re: bloods as I believe this is the main way to definitely confirm ovulation. Good luck x


First port of call was gp for us, he then referred us to a gynaecologist at our local hospital. The hospital sent me back to my gp for hormonal blood profile tests. They will discuss your medical history at the gynaecological appointment and how long you’ve been trying etc etc. Once our tests were back and all was within relatively normal ranges the gp sent me back to gynaecology. The gynaecologist advised us to try for 6 more months (even though we have male factor infertility with my Hubby being disabled, they said his results were only slightly abnormal and that we still had a good chance of natural conception - hahaha!!) We went back after 6 months and they booked me a Hysterosalpinogram which was fine. After that the gynaecologist finally made us a referral to the infertility clinic and put in a request for funding. Hopefully you won’t have too long to wait for your referral and all your bloods can be done at the same time as your appointment xx

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Hi Tugsgirl

Thank you for your message. This is reslly helpful. It's good to have more of an idea of what to expect and also timings wise. As I think sometimes because i am not aware of timings these processes take I feel more anxious.

This has definitely helped.

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Hi greengreen. That's good to hear, so not long to wait now. I do have a list of questions I could email you in confidence if you want. Email me at support@fertilitynetworkuk.org if you want them. Good luck with the appointment. Diane

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Thank you DianeArnold

Would really appreciate that. I will email you.

Many thanks


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