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Progesterone and bleeding

I am 8 weeks pregnant and was prescribed progesterone approx 2 weeks ago. 2 days ago I woke up to find I had a very heavy bleed which was bright red and had what looked like bits of lining in. The hospital took some blood tests and all my hormone levels are as they should be and im booked for a scan tomorrow. what im wondering is could this be caused by the progesterone? My levels have never been an issue before, we hadffertility treatment so this was checked..a lot . could I now be producing too much? Can progesterone cause bleeding?

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Hi. So sorry to hear that you have had this bleed. Any bleed during pregnancy is always a worry, that goes without saying. However, it might be an idea to get you blood progesterone level checked, as by now you should be producing adequate amounts yourself – just a thought. I hope that all went well with your scan and that your little one is progressing as it should. Best wishes. Diane


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