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Provera & still no period. Is this normal?

Hi there, this is my first post on this network (I am also on the endometriosis UK network). I was wondering if anybody has been given provera to bring on a period and how long it took to start bleeding? Long story short, my husband and I have been ttc for about a year and as a result of my endometriosis we were given an appointment at the fertility clinic after 6 months of trying.

After numerous tests it turns out that I am not ovulating. My periods are also extremely irregular after a course of prostap injections over a year ago. (My last one was over ten weeks ago) so as a result of this, the doctor gave me a five day course of Provera to bring on a bleed and then clomid to start taking on day two. I finished the Provera 10 days ago and have had no sign of a bleed yet. Has anybody else been through this type of treatment and if so what was your experience? How long should I wait for a period to arrive? Any help would be appreciated.

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hi tink80

Unfortunately i had an adverse reaction when i used Provera but i know from other ladies experience that it can take up to 14 days after finishing the provera to bleed. Hopefully you do not have to wait too much longer. x


Hi tink80. Unfortunately, it can take a couple of cycles of Provera before it works, so be prepared for another one. Keeping my fingers crossed for you though, just in case your period is just a bit delayed. Best of luck with the Clomid when you start. Kind regards. Diane


Thanks girls, fingers crossed!


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