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Hi all. After 2 years without support due to relocation we have finally found a new GP who is brilliant. She has referred us back to a consultant out of the area, directed us to ERIC and has prescribed desmopressin to try! My 11 year old son still wets his bed EVERY night. We have had patchy support from GP & consultant and have tried lots ourselves; drinking more, drinking less, waking him in the night, lower does of desmopressin - all without success. The alarm we tried woke him so suddenly that he screamed and screamed and he now refuses to use it. He has a residential school trip coming up so we are hoping the new dose of desmopressin works but if not, can any recommend any protective PJ's or underwear that looks like real underwear?? He won't use pull ups. I am just discovering ERIC, there is lots of helpful info here and I will keep reading but if anyone has any tips or advice for getting an 11 year boy dry at night, I'd be very grateful. We have never made a fuss about it, have always sought advice and supported him but he is about to start senior school and is getting more and more upset that nothing we try will work. Thanks in advance...... :)

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Oh this sounds so familiar. I'm afraid I can't really suggest anything that you haven't already tried. These school trips are so stressful!! Just yesterday I spoke to my son's teacher about his residential trip in March (see my recent post). My son really didn't want me to speak to her, but I am so glad that I did. She was so kind, helpful and reassuring. My son wets very heavily at night, so he wears incontinence pads (like a large nappy) but with baggy pj's, a dressing gown and the help of his teacher, I hope he'll be ok - fingers crossed!


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