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We were discharged from our consultant as our 5 year old after suffering from constipation for 4 years finally seemed to be getting somewhere regularly going for a poo on toilet from everyday to every other day on one movicol a day. The consultant advised us to stop movicol and see how it went. It's been 3 weeks nothing has changed in his diet, no illness etc and on the third week my son was struggling go and went 3 days without going he was going every other day before that without movicol. He sat on the toilet for half hour and he finally had a poo which he said hurt and he hasn't said that in a long time throughout that day he kept toilet hopping saying he could feel poo but nothing happened. I contacted the consultant who said start movicol again for 1-2 weeks and then stop again. I am really questioning stopping it at the mo he starts reception in September and that's going to be a big change for him I don't want him to have problems with his bowel movements in the first few weeks of school or he in pain there coz he hasn't been. He would only be on one movicol a day and once he has settled into the routine of school gradually start losing one movicol at a then me and see how he goes I really don't know what to do just don't want to see my son suffering like he has done before xx

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  • I don't see my son ever coming off the movical. He's on one a day and normally goes daily without issue (small blip recently 😡) I'd get him back on the meds and get him in routine ready for school.

  • That's how I feel that he will never come off movicol. He gets so angry and unhappy when he hasn't been for a poo in a while and I don't want the school reporting back to me saying this when they are aware of his issues. The consultant was so laid back about stopping the movicol but obviously it's just not the right time for him he was a happier boy on the movicol if that makes sense x

  • If you're worried at all about what the consultant has advised, drop an email as they specialise in Incontinence all the time. Did the consultant say why it was time to come off the movical.

    Having a full bowl must be so comfortable.

  • My daughter has been very badly constipated from the age of around 3. When she started nursery it was an utter nightmare, she kept leaking all the time, as there was no proper treatment plan in place. Some of the nursery staff were good about it, but other staff not so good :-( I have tried to cut down her doses of medicines (Movicol and Senekot), but found that the constipation problem just returned :-( My daughter is now on 1 x movicol a day and 1.25ml of Senekot. Her Senekot has just been reduced from 1.5ml. So far so good, and we are slowly coming round to accepting, that this looks to be a longer term issue :-(

  • We are still on movicol and I don't see any end in sight for it either but I do know people that have come out the other side eventually so keep believing!! However when we went from 2 to 1 sachets our continence nurse advised very gradual reduction. Make up the the full 62.5ml then take out a little at a time over several weeks. If that seems too much, just do the reduced amount every other day to keep things moving. My little girl is also about to start school and I think you're right to trust your judgement and keep things as stable as possible for him for now. There's no downside to being on movicol so I'd say take your time when it feels right for you.

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