Random bed wetting

Hello I'm new to the site and looking for advice/ support or just to know others are in the same boat really. My 10 yr old daughter can go weeks dry and then randomly wet the bed twice in one week having not done anything differently. She was given desmopressin to try and being referred for a scan. Is desmopressin effective does anyone know? Is there any other methods people have tried with success? she recently stayed at her dads and had an accident there and this seems to have upset her as she has had 2 accidents since she's been home. I'm worried even more because she is now being asked for sleepovers and has a trip planned for school next year. Any help or advice greatly received.

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  • Hi - just wondered how does she feel about pyjama pants? - I don't know about your daughter but mine really doesn't like them! But if she wants to be 100% sure of waking up dry when she's away from home she's often willing to pop on a pair just in case...

    I think it's more common than we realise tbh... when I got started talking to some other parents about it there were loads of kids sometimes wet and I had had no idea...

  • I know we have felt really alone and while we talk about with friends they don't really have an understanding of what it's like. Bless her she gets up and changes the bed herself sometimes rather than ask for help (we hear her though and get up to help her anyway) I just always hoped she would grow out of it, the docs in the past have been. I help but hopefully now we're on the right track🙏🏻

  • She wears pull ups occasionally but really not keen at all, I don't blame her they do help if we are having a spate of wet nights but her 3yr old sister is now dry at night so she's even less keen to wear them.

  • I can imagine. It's a shame when they feel self-conscious that other people aren't having the same issue, worse when it's her sister I bet.

  • Yes it must be, we try to reassure her everyone's different but it prob does make her feels worse 😢 Night one with the pills here's hoping we see a difference with them over the next few weeks!

  • Oh fingers crossed. Apparently they work like a dream for some kids

  • I think I might have this situation at home in the next 18 months to two years. Bumble is only 5 and currently keen enough to put them on, frozen ones help!

  • Frozen ones would possibly help us too, she's ok to wear them at home but I totally understand why she's not keen on the rare nights away from home.

  • My daughter has been changing herself for the last couple of years too. She sleeps on a waterproof sheet with a normal sheet on top of it and a Huggies stick-on disposable bed mat on top of that, so she can usually kick that disposable one off and change her bottom half then straight back to sleep. It's quite nice if I'm honest not to have to get up once or twice every night to change bedding.. it always seemed to be at 4am when I was so asleep.. yaaawwnn..! She usually only gets me up if her actual sheet or duvet cover have got wet.

  • Mine was 3am usually if she can manage she does herself we have a waterproof mattress with a zip on bit which is never zipped so she can just take the lot off and stick a spare sheet on, I usually hear her in her drawers for fresh pjs so I'm woken either way and help for quickness....it is draining especially if more than once in a night/week bless her!

  • Desmopressin works very effectively for children who over produce urine at night and don't wake to toilet. However if she has an overactive bladder then the desmopressin may not help and would need a different medication. It is key to diagnose the correct type of wetting. The scan should help .Provided you have been referred for the correct type of scan and not one that just looks at shape and position of the bladder. However in the meantime she will come to no harm trialling desmopressin and hopefully you have been told she must not eat or drink from 1 hour before to 8 hours after she takes it. It is important she aims to drink 1.5 litres of fluid in the daytime.

    The scan should look for the amount her bladder can hold. Which should be 330mls for a 10 year old, give or take 20-30mls either side. They should also get her to empty her bladder and then re scan. She should not have more than 20mls left. If she does she may need further investigation.

    Hope that helps a bit.

  • Wow that's really informative thank you, and no I was not told about the 1hr before 8hr after rule which has annoyed me! She hasn't had anything for 8hrs after but has had supper and taken the pill with a drink for the past 4 nights😱 Hope that hasn't done any harm! Not sure what type of scan she was referred for but I highlighted the fact that I had a reflux as a child and had the full/empty bladder scan so I'm hoping they will do the same this is after years of being told she's lazy by the gp!

    Thanks for the info and advice, much appreciated.

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