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7 yr old twins night wetting



I've joined the site for some advice. My twin boys have never been dry in the night. As it's the school holidays I thought we would start with taking the night nappies away. We are a few days in and they are waking up soaking wet obviously sleeping through their wees.

I know it's going to be a long process so I guess I'm asking what did others do and do you have any advice as I'm feeling totally overwhelmed.

We have a gp appt next week as one of my twins is constipated and has been for past few years only going twice a week.

My other twin eats and drinks well but is a very deep sleeper.

Thank you

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My 7 year old has never been dry but just one bed to change so I feel your pain. We were referred to incontinence nurse at the hospital. The initial test was an in and out survey. We found my boy was hoping to bed with 300ml in him. Never going to be dry! We are working hard on good drinking and regular toilet visits to reduce this amount. Then hopefully we can use bed alarm to get in routine of waking for a wee. Also a deep sleeper. We are still wearing pull ups at night and nurse was happy for us to do this. Good luck

I'd echo Clarede's advice. We're nowhere near there yet but have tried cutting out any drinks within at least an hour before bed. Even then and with toilet stop as part of bed time routine it's still a challenge but the other night when my daughter couldn't get to sleep, she came down an hour after going up to bed. We did another toilet stop for good measure, even though she said she didn't need it and bingo the first dry night in weeks!! We both did a little celebration jig.....

One thing I would say and not sure everyone would agree but, if the twins are not up for really working with you on this and haven't proved they can do dry nights yet, don't put yourself through the stress of soaking bed linen every day! This process is hard enough without adding mountains of washing too.

Good luck.

Fayetwins in reply to AliStan

Thank you, they are both ok with wetness at the moment so I'll keep going with the basics . I do think that they go to bed with too much fluid inside them and one of my boys hardly wees in the day so I've provided him a chart so he can track his progress.

Last night they were wet and asleep at 10.30pm so changed bed and both did wee stop.

then one of them woke up at 2.30am wet and other was wet and asleep so changed both and both did wee stop. They both woke at 7.30am dry.

I'm hoping to get a referral next week.


I was adviced to give lots of big drinks throughout the day.Stopping last drink early say tea time. Then you can get an alarm that you can pin to their pyjamas and as soon as it detects the wet it goes off really LOUD! I think thats hightened by it being the middle of the night. 😩It worked an absolute treat for my son the day drinking part was a big help along with the alarm took a week or may 2. Hope this helps x

We were advised to increase our child's drink intake , as we were told that the bladder was getting confused . Between day and night

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