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10 year old bed wetting; At a loss!!


Hi everyone, I am after some advice in relation to my 10 year old daughter wetting at night. She is waking up every night and has completely sodden the sheets. There was a period of 3 weeks last month when completely dry at night but now back to wet nights every night. We saw the pediatrician recently who suggested going back to using a bed alarm or pull ups. (I just feel this is a real step backwards). He doesn’t believe any medical issues/no constipation. My daughter is increasingly upset there is no improvement and now seems like nothing the pediatrician can offer??! We are stuck in this situation, had anyone experienced similar? (We have done all the obvious; (drinking more water/diet/exercise) Thank you

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If she is getting upset about her accidents you should let her chose between some sort of containment or an alarm, was she in pull-ups before her dry spell?

Is she being prescribed desmopressin?

My granddaughter is a bit older than your daughter but has never been dry at night, she's in Tesco junior plus nappies because she can soak a drynite with one wetting and has several each night. She prefers the nappies because she gets a better sleep and doesn't need to get up like if she used an alarm.

Lisa697 in reply to StellaA

Thanks for your reply.

My daughter isn’t getting too upset, it’s more frustration as she has done everything the dr said to do, but no improvement. She doesn’t want to go back to pull ups, we were using an alarm before she had a dry spell, but again she doesn’t want to use it as feels it’s a step back (but I think we may have to, temporarily).

I have now just kind of been left without a plan or possible reason why this is still happening. Her body obviously is able to be dry for a number of nights but then suddenly starts again. There is no pattern to the wetting.

StellaA in reply to Lisa697

You should try and get her a prescription for desmopressin, it should help.

I'm the mean time possibly try bedmats, they should soak up some of the pee if she's wet the bed without a pullup on.

Ask to be referred to your local continence nursing team, they will be able to help you.

Hi Lisa,

My ten year year old has had up to seven dry nights but never more than that. Our second X-ray shows that she is not constipated after a disimpaction for 6 weeks and then two months of 20 ml liquid Parrafin .

She is dry four nights and then wet etc.

I have just been told about Linda Hudson a hypnotherapist for bed wetting . I have just sent for her audio cd which you play at night . Worth a try and I will mention a hypnotherapist to my consultant when we speak next week.

Google her .. and check out the cd s on amazon .

We are also considering desmopressin, but are trying all other options first .

Best Wishes

Lisa697 in reply to mabelrose4

Thank you for your reply. I am Aldo thinking about alternative strategies and treatments. I’m not keen on using the medication but wondering if it might give her a bit of a confidence boost/and solid sleep (if it actually works though). So frustrating when doing everything asked of us!!

mabelrose4 in reply to Lisa697

I know ! It does feel like you have to do all the spade work yourself despite there being so many of us struggling.

So , my cousin has been speaking to a retired hypnotherapist who she knows well and she has said that if there are no medical issues then it can have great results . She used to work for the nhs through referrals for enuresis. I’m not even sure if that is still available. She really rates Linda Hudson and has met her several times . Apparently it is worth getting the Audio suitable for 10-15 year olds and also reading some of her advice inline . Obviously seeing someone in person would be ideal. I have also discovered that my daughter is hypomobile and has stretchy ligaments ... I am the same .. app it can affect your bowels too and give a greater propensity to constipation and believe it or not anxiousness .... so I will also be pursuing that as my daughter is quite an anxious character .

I also think giving the desmopressin a go may also be a route for us too ... app it is best to try it for three months to see if it raises your natural level of vasopressin hormone in your body .

I’ll let you know how we get on

Lisa697 in reply to mabelrose4

It sounds so much like my daughters situation....my child is sensitive too and I was wondering if anxiety may be a factor as she is a big worrier and often compared herself to other girls in her class. When I mentioned this to the dr , he didn’t think it a factor but you never know?? I will definitely look into the CD. I was also wondering about CST, have you heard of it? It’s all about releasing stress/tension throughout our body and sort of ‘resetting’ the system...I’m not sure whether it would help but like you, desperate to try anything!! I think a combination of a time using the desmopressin and some alternative therapy’s...so hard. Good luck and let’s keep talking!!!

mabelrose4 in reply to Lisa697

No I haven’t heard of CST ?? Is that through a therapist? I will google it .

My cousin said the hypnotherapist must have a BSCH qualification ( will also google that😂) .

My daughter has suffered from terrible tummy pains for a year . We took her off all food types / wheat and followed a low Fodmap diet. Her symptoms improved slightly. The consultant gave her antibiotics for suspected parasite s( prob picked up

In a water park on our Oct half term holiday) . That has cleared 90 percent of the tummy gas / pain . However the week before school the wet nights returned and the tummy pain slightly returned . She is now eating everything and we are now concluding that the food that I thought was an issue isn’t .

Weirdly though I have been fillling her with fibre and I think I have totally over done it. I have now taken her off raw food like carrots and am giving her just a couple of pieces of fruit in the morning and the tummy ache has all gone and the dry nights have returned.

It’s a blummin mine field trying to solve it all. Apparently if you have never been dry at night then stress is unlikely to play a factor apparently. However I am thinking that if her tummy gets irritated by food or anxiety then hen it seems to end in a wet night.

Also , weirdly her Fitbit watch has been going off the last two nights at 5 am and she has got up and gone for a wee. So we are wondering if to keep with it , to see if it will train her brain . I

Bizarre I know ...but could work .

Have you ruled out constipation?I can’t remember from your previous posts. My daughter has def suffered with that ,in the past and if the rectum is too full and presses on the bladder then they don’t stand a chance being dry.

Now we know that isn’t the issue and she takes 15 ml of liquid Parrafin each day and is regular .

So onwards and upwards .. TBC !!

Hi Lisa,

Just a quick update . We have now been using the liquid Parrafin ( 15 ml per day ) since early August . We also started with the cd hypnotherapy at night . My daughter says she is not really listening to it ... but we play it most nights .

At first we had a few dry nights followed by wet nights ... but we have just hit day 14 of dry nights . I have no idea if it is the combination of her bowel settling down or the hypnotherapy or a combo .. but something has changed !

So incase you fancied trying either those options ??

Take Care

Lisa697 in reply to mabelrose4

Hi again!,

This is brilliant news, you must be so relieved!! Long may it continue..

Well my daughter has now been prescribed desmopressin and has been taking it for 2 weeks. It worked instantly and we have both been enjoying a full nights sleep and finally have taken off the ‘crinkly’ bed pads!!

I would rather have avoided medication but if this can perhaps break the cycle then it’s worth a try...as well as giving my daughter a break from the endless wet nights.

After 30 days she will need to stop for a week and see if any improvement, if not then she can continue and try again after another 30 days.

I have been told that she may have a delay in her body producing vasopressin and that the desmopressin releases this into the body thus stopping the night wetting.

I will keep you updated too!

Take care,


mabelrose4 in reply to Lisa697

Brilliant !!! I am so pleased to hear that .

Funnily enough we also tried the desmopressin for a few sleep over nights and it also worked for those nights . Our Gastro Doctor said exactly the same as yours about trying it for the 30 days etc .... so we still have that on the back burner if she does a u turn ... but cross fingers they are both on a different journey which will have such a positive impact on everything else !

Fab !!

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