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Urine incontanence with starting periods! What pads are best?

Hi I've been on here a couple of months and my daughter is awaiting surgery for supra pubic catheter for her complex bladder problems.

Last month she started her periods, she's only 12 but we were thrilled for her as I was unsure if her bladder problems would delay her starting periods which obviously it hasn't.

Basically yesterday she came on at school, we gave her supplies to take just in case but she's found it very distressing because she is leaking urine constantly so she wears incontanence pads for that and she wore an always pad for the period, but bless her heart, I felt so bad for her as sorry to be graphic but it was a mess, not only was she saturated through the leaking as it was worse but also the always pads are just not holding both if you get what I mean, so basically she's wearing both, but just wondered if anyone's else's daughter had a similar problem and what advice could they give as she won't wear the tena pants to school as its so very obvious and being in senior school, kids can be cruel, so she's been managing with the pads but for some reason the leaking is worse whilst on her period, so sorry for this post but she's my only daughter and any suggestions would be great, many thanks in advance xx

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Hi just wondering if her periods are heavy or is it the mixing with the leakages making the pads flood. Only mention this as I had trouble with flooding when I was young changing pads every 2 hours was the only way I could deal with it. I used the nighttime pads because they where longer but these days they are all so thin I'm guessing it wouldn't be much help with the leakages. Have you tried the tenna discreet range? TMI But after pregnancy I had issues and found them helpful and I guess they would work for periods also.

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Thanks for your reply, I think it's a mixture of both which doesn't help her at all, I bought some night pads for her period tonight and I thought if she puts them inside the tena pants, it may help but I just think until she is old enough to use tampons, we will just have to see what works best especially of a night time, thanks again.


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