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I'm not sure if I am in the right comm

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hi everyone,

I'm new here. I have suffered from bladder incontinence since having my daughter over 15 years ago. It's worse when I had a bad cough. I have tried using the correct sanitary products for my bladder incontinence, but they are too expensive and don't always work.I've had to resort to using sanitary pads that are not designed for periods as they are the only pad that stay where I want them to due them having wings which is alot easier for me as the ones designed for bladder incontinence move about in my underwear more than I do especially when I'm in bed.

I have mentioned the problem to my doctor, but they didn't seem interested in helping me.

I find it really embarrassing when it happens, but thankfully my fiance is really understanding. His twin sister know how I feel as she has the same problem as me, which is leaking when she coughs and /or laughs.

I'm dreading my brother's wedding next week as I know that if I've still got my cough, I'll start leaking.

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Hi I think this forum is for children's bowel & bladders problems mainly so you might find more expertise elsewhere, but if I were you I would go back to your doctor and ask to be referred - something like a pelvic floor physio might be appropriate. It's not acceptable that they just brush your issues to one side - it is a medical issue and you deserve to be treated properly. Good luck.

Thank u hun.


Yes, I am sure there will be a forum for adult incontinence that helps you more, but I just want to say - see a different GP. It does sound as though you have pelvic floor damage - a common reason for incontinence following childbirth, and you should be referred to a consultant for further assessment. Perhaps they will recommend surgery.

Your GP is wrong to be disinterested, and you deserve to be given help for this issue. Good luck.

Most areas have a continence service and you can often self refer. If you google it for your area you should find it.

ty hun. I'll do that.

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