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Bed wetting alarms

Hi everyone

My 9.5 year old daughter wets the bed every night. She has been on desmopressin for over a year and unfortunately it has not helped at all. We are diligent with drinking enough in the day, last drink time etc, but again this does not have any affect.

Our consultant has recommended an alarm and there are a multitude of products available. Does anyone have any recommendations or advice?

Thanks in advance! Only just been made aware of this organisation and it's great to have support.

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Good morning, bed alarms are a very usefull resource in the battle for dryness with children, have you got a nurse led enuresis clinic because after a quick consultation they are often able to supply one on a loan basis for free. Is your daughter on desmomelts or desmo tabs, if she is on tabs get her changed to the desmomelts which have a greater efficacy and can be started on one tab then if needed incresed to 2 tabs. Check that she is drinking sufficiently early in the day and not drinking the bulk of her fluids after school as this will also make a great difference, hope this advice is useful, regards Paula


Hi Paula. Yes, she's had desmomelts but they didn't work so she's now on 400mcg of desmopressin. We have been referred to the enuresis clinic but it's taking a really long time so that's why we're tempted to just buy an alarm and get started with it. Trouble is, there are so many on the market, it's difficult to know which one to get.

Many thanks for taking the time to reply.


Hi Paulap1965,

We have a wide variety of alarms for sale via the ERIC webshop including body and bet mat alarms:

There's also lots of information available on our website about the causes of bedwetting and effective use of alarms:

Our helpline advisors or the ERIC shop team are also on hand to answer any specific queries you may have before you buy. And best of all, any profit from our sales goes back into the work that we do.


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We had a similar situation. 8.5 year old, wet pretty much every night, in fact regularly 2 or 3 times. So I feel your pain!

Desmopressin sort of helped, a bit, but it wasn't very effective at all, even when we doubled the dose. I was pretty disappointed as I'd been hoping for a sudden change.

But recently we got a new school nurse and, working on her diagnosis that my daughter both didn't make enough hormone at night AND had an overactive bladder, she has combined desmomelts with oxybutinin pills recently and I have to say it was like magic from day one... I think 19 dry nights in a row straight away, I'd never seen anything like it! As of now, she's still on and off a bit, but that basically seems to be working for us at the moment. (i'll be interested to know what we do next.. presumably she can't take pills forever..we're seeing the nurse again in February.)

I did ask her about alarms when I last met her, and she said she wanted to try just one approach at a time but kind of had it in reserve if the medication didn't work. I definitely had the impression it would be possible to borrow one rather than having to buy one though?


My son tried desmomelts 2 years ago (he is now 8) & they made no difference at all. He then had an alarm (we borrowed ours through enuresis clinic) & it was most like the Malem bedwetting alarm with random sounds that are on the Eric website. It was pinned on his pyjamas & then clipped onto his pants. The noise was different every time so woke him up. At first I wasn't sure it'd work as he didn't get up when it went off, he just curled up & covered his ears! But it woke us up & we could get him to the toilet (& change him)& he did seem to pause in his wetting when the alarm went off. However, in less than 2 weeks he just stopped wetting at all. He hated the alarm so was pleased when it stopped going off! It definitely worked for us, hope you can find what works for your daughter xx


It's great to hear that you had a good result with the alarm. We'll order one so fingers crossed!

Thanks for taking the time to reply


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