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Bed Wetting Alarm Advice

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My GP has suggested I use an alarm for my daughter's bed wetting: she is 8 and has never had a dry night. He said to look on the ERIC website but I have no idea which product is best. She's fussy about comfort so I'm worried about the clips. The Rodger system was getting good reviews when I looked a month ago but these seem to be discontinued. Thanks for reading. Happy New Year!

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Have you been referred to a continence nurse? We were referred for my son's urgency, frequency & nighttime wetting. There are lots of different things you can do for night time wetting. The alarm is useful if the reason they are wetting and not waking is that the message isn't getting from bladder to brain to wake up and go to the toilet and/or if they are a very deep sleeper so wetting and not waking.

Anyway, we are using one but as we went through the NHS continence service it was loaned to us free of charge. It is a malem alarm. I was very worried about the wire and clip but our nurse recommended double pants with the sensor in between the two pairs then you attach the alarm with safety pin to pj top. My son is a wriggler and he has never got tangled or detached the alarm.

Good luck, hope if helps! We have been using for 2 months now and getting to some longer spells or lots of nights in a row dry. But also seeing consultant at hospital after 18 months in the system to check for reasons for the urgency and frequency xx

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Thank you! No we haven't been referred, just told to look at 'Eric'. From what I've read my daughter should be able to hold 250mls of water in her bladder. I've been measuring for the last two days and it's never reaching the 200mls mark... this makes me think I need to address this issue before the nighttime wetting.

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Hi Amogo

My son wet the bed every night until he was about 10.5. He’s now dry 7/7 and I don’t worry about it anymore! I went though every emotion known to motherhood over the bedwetting and tried everything.

What definitely helped was drinking more, measuring and increasing his bladder muscles.

We saw the most amazing nurse every 3 months over a 2 year period. She advised me to measure and my son was weeing about 50mls first and it took prob another year to push him up to a regular 250/300mls. We also used an alarm for a few months, which he hated and it woke us all up! Then suddenly he stopped bedwetting. I don’t know whether it was he just grew out of it or it was the alarm? But I think it takes time to build the good habits like drinking more. Measuring identified that he wasn’t drinking enough so definitely was a good thing to do. Hang in there!


We have used Dr Sagie Therapee alarm. It is very expensive but I think it has been worth it. My son is 13 and had never been dry at night for more than two nights in a row. We have used many different methods including two alarms. We are 9 weeks into the treatment and he has not had an accident for 7 weeks.

Along with the alarm you have for nightly sessions over the internet giving advice and exercises to strengthen muscles and improve bladder capacity. For us it has been a success, these are adapted to your child specifically depending on how often and what time if the night they are wet.

The alarm is expensive as I said but it may be worth having a look at.

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Thank you, I'll take a look. I appreciate your reply.

We have also been loaned an alarm free of charge (think it is a Malem one) via our local NHS bladder clinic where my daughter (6) has been treated for over a year. We were referred by our GP, but I know it is a postcode lottery as to what services are available in your area. Our nurse has been fantastic though, so worth asking for a referral if you can get one. My daughter has also been on oxybutynin twice a day for some time now, we are just on week 1 with the alarm and hoping it will help. We have used the same method of attaching the clip as Mumof3L describes and have not had any issues. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

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Thank you, I'll ask about being referred x

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Good luck with it all. Reading your reply to the comment above, it sounds very similar to my daughters situation. She could only hold a max of 100mls (usually less) but after medication and bladder training for a year is now up to 200mls and she no longer needs to go so often or with the same urgency in the day.It also means she can go longer at night time without having an accident.

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Thanks again and good luck to you and your daughter too.

We used a wet stop alarm from amazon and it worked well for us and wasn’t too expensive. Good luck

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Thank you!

Hello, my 8 yr old son has just had an alarm for 6wks and it has worked for him. At first it was a nightmare for all of us as he was wetting 3 timesa night and waking us all up. But thankfully it has worked he has been dry for 3 months now with only the odd accident here and there. We got ours on loans from the enuresis clinic he had been refered to. Would recommend getting one!

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That's great news for all of you. Which one did they lend you? Were you referred by your GP? Can I ask if they checked whether he had an overactive bladder and if so did they ask you to 'train' the bladder before starting on the alarm?! Questions! Questions! Thanks x

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