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One week today yay :D

I am sooooo excited thinking that one week today right now I will hopefully of had my Lap and recovering it cannot come quick enough.

I have my preop tomorrow I hope I am healthy enough to have it done as I have been a tiny bit sniffy today yikes.

I am looking forward to having my Lap I really am just need these answers but I am dreading it in a way as what if they come back and say that there is nothing wrong and there is nothing there, what if the doctors were right and it is just IBS and all this is in my head :(

I am excited but God am I nervous for the outcome x

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i felt the same, even my last thought as i went under was i bet they don't find anything, but one way or another you will have answers, thats how i tried to look at it, its a process of illumination, you have pain that needs to be found out why its there.

make sure you keep us updated soon as you can xx


Hi that's great the week will fly by! And my doc said before my op he probably wouldn't see anything but he was very wrong so they may say this but don't worry it annoyed me at the time but think they say it just incase its not obvious. hopefully they find something that they can sort while your there! And they take photos which I found Realy interesting as you get to see what's there too! Either way you'll get some answers which will be a relief and let us know how you get on I found comfort on here while I laid in bed!! Good luck and make sure you rest lots xx


I felt exactly the same and when sitting on hospital bed waiting to go thro i was about to say i cant do it, u wont find anything. Woke to find i had severe endo with organs glued together ect, Hope u get the right answers and even if they find none then thats great as u wont then suffer for yrs, gd luck xxx


I felt exactly the same and they found and removed so much. I dont want to burst your bubble but im 2 months post lap and i still have pain. I know i expected it to go straight away and the fact that it hasnt really has me down. But i am being told its just the scarring inside that has me in pain but it will eventually go. Just so you dont get your hopes up.

I was diagnosed with IBS about 6 years ago and they were completely wrong. I hope you get the result you are looking for.

Best of luck and i hope it all goes well for you xxx



I know the pain will probably be with me for a lifetime, I am just so excited to have a proper diagnosis, I to have been told I have IBS but I know for a fact this isn't IBS it cant be. I am going for my pre op today x


I think doctors tend to diagnose a lot of things with IBS but at the end of the day you know your own body.

Best of luck with everything really hope you prove them wrong x


All best wishes for your op x


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