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prostap injection what does it do?

Hi girlys, Im having a prostap injection on monday, but im not really sure what it does. I did asked but i was more shocked about it been injected in to my belly then what it does god i should listen sometime:(. thanks.

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Hi Samantha

Basically, it shuts your ovaries down and puts you into a temporary menopause, thus starving the endometriosis of the estrogen it needs to survive. It won't 'cure' anything, but it will stop new endo forming while you are on the injections, and hopefully give you some respite from the pain.

Don't worry about it going into your belly, it's not even a scratch. You might bruise afterwards but that's more to do with the skill of the person giving the injection than the injection itself :)

Just to warn you though - the side effects are a bit rubbish. Your body thinks it's going through the menopause so anything that can happen then could happen while you're on the injections - hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings, joint pain, headache are 'popular' ones. Equally however you might only have one or two side effects, or none at all. Have they offered you add-back HRT? Livial or Tibolone, probably?

C xxx


Hi Chrissie, Thankyou sooo much for the info, side effects sounds horrible and scary. im 30 and have no children so im a bit worried, I told them i dont want them messing with my ovaries..:$

No not been offered any other meds. im taking Diclofenac and paracetamols, i dont like taking to many meds,

Im waiting for a op to get rid of 3 lrg endo cysts and endo, Had to fight to get a date because they keep cancelling operation appointments. Was told i will be going in 7th may but not received letter to confirm it yet. but fingers crossed.

thank you again hope your keep well xx


this WILL mess with your ovaries. That is what it does. I've sent you a PM with lots of links to really useful websites so you can do your homework.


Please could you send me the same message please!


Hi Impatient, wooza thank you for the PM very very helpful. Ive got this far without having the injection . I just need them to remove the cyst and endo and then i will start fresh with the endo diet. sam x


I am on Prostap at the moment and so far so good was the only side-effect being breakthrough bleeding. Most side-effects only affect a very small percentage of people. I got a book out from the library which listed prostap as a wonder drug for helping with Endo in made me feel better to read the positives to balance out the negatives.

Info sheets:



My Blog: mindfulmumatobe.co.uk

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Hi Mindful-muma-to-be,

Thank you for the info, i cancelled the injection on Monday as i decided i didn't want to take the risk of any side affects.

Thankyou for blog link, shame your so far away, because i would have come for a meet up:(.

sam x


I had my first prostap at start of this month and due two more. Not really and side effects yet but definitely less pain and endo symptoms so so far, so good 👏🏻 I wanted to know if I'll still have periods when I'm having these injections?xx


Hi..so glad to hear the prostap is working! I was told when on this you can have some break through bleeding..I was on this nearly four months and om my first and third month I did have what was like a full period although other girls who have been on it said they didn't bleed at all...I really hope this works out for you! I was given hrt as well so my consultant thought that's what was causing me to bleed xx


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